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Getting over the flu...

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Daynee · 10/03/2009 16:58

This may seem irrelevant to miscarraige...but I was actually wondering if anyone has had experience with either becoming sick after having a mc, or has tried to conceive right after being sick? I ask this because I recently had my 3rd mc and it seems like everything is going crazy nuts and I think it's from being depressed and stressed. I've been terribly sick for the last week and oh-my-lordy - I feel like going absolutely crazy.
Now I'll be ovulating this week (have to take ovulation tests) and I'm wondering if it's even possible given how darn sick I was. Any ideas?

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mermaidspurse · 10/03/2009 17:46

daynee sweetie your poor body and head back to the sofa if at all possible (ha!) and rest a bit lots of fresh fruit and other motherly suggestions.

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