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Ttc after mc and time off work

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award2812 · 25/02/2009 10:28

Hey guys. I'm just after some advice on Ttc and how long to wait? Nurse advised til next af but i'd rather start asap when cramping has stopped (bleeding only lasted 2 days, less than usual period?!?) i'm seeing contradicting advice- that if we Ttc in a week or two i'm at most fertile after mc but on other hand that baby could have neural defects etc. And obviously the fear of another mc. But that's normal after experiencing it, but does less time increase chances? What to do? Any advice muchly appreciated! Also, i've self-certified this week off work but am already fretting about not being ready next week. I had ten weeks off two years ago after another life trauma and now get paranoid what they think if am off for a length of time. Especially as i was only 6weeks gone. But i need to be right before i go back? X

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