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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

2 Miscarriages after having a successful pregnancy!!

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ktnixon · 16/01/2009 15:25

I have had 2 miscarriages last year after having my beautiful dayghter who is 4 years old.

One was a missed miscarriage & then the other was a "blighted ovum"

Would love to be able to have another baby but am so scared it will happen over & over again!!

Although we are not really trying at the moment we are not usung any form of contraception but would it be worth taking folic acid?

Also my period is due around now (never know exactly when as i am very irregular) but all i am getting is a brown discharge with tiny clots, just hope this is my period & not another miscarriage!!! xxx

OP posts:
belgo · 16/01/2009 15:33

Sorry to hear this. I had two children, followed by two miscarriages, (at 6 and 7 weeks) and finally another successful pregnancy resulting in my son.

Definitely start taking the folic acid if you are not using contraception. Try and remain hoepful that you will have another successful pregnancy.

Maybe do a pregnancy test now?

Habbibu · 16/01/2009 15:36

Definitely take folic acid - the absolute ideal - which most people don't manage, so don't worry - is three months before conception to start. So sorry about your losses. The odds are in your favour, though, so try to remain as positive as you can.

ktnixon · 16/01/2009 15:36

I feel quite reluctant to do one though, maybe beause i am quite scared at the thought of being pregnant.

I dont have any other symptoms though, just normal period symptoms. But maybe worth doing a test!! xx

OP posts:
ktnixon · 16/01/2009 15:38

I took folic acid before having my first dd but the 2 miscarriages only started taking it when i found out i was pregnant.

OP posts:
Habbibu · 16/01/2009 15:41

I don't think FA and miscarriages are linked, iirc - it's just co-incidence, I'll bet. It's just a good idea to take it early to prevent neural tube defects. Start taking it now anyway - it'll do no harm.

snackattack · 16/01/2009 15:41

Hi there - I had two miscarriages after my first child - very worrying and I convinced myself that I'd never be able to successfully carry another baby. We decided on a third and final attempt and my second daughter (who is now 4) was born. I'd say, don't give up! It's not uncommon unfortunately and there is no reason to think it will happen again. I do understand how hard it is though!

llareggub · 16/01/2009 15:46

Yes, I had a successful pregnancy followed by 2 miscarriages. I then conceived the cycle after my 2nd miscarriage and I'm not 24 weeks pregnant.

With this latest pregnancy my GP suggested that I take aspirin as some think it helps prevent miscarriage. My consultant said that it does in some circumstances but I've no idea whether it applies to me or not. Am still pregnant though...

ktnixon · 16/01/2009 15:54

I have never heard of asprin, is that before you get pregnant or when you are pregnant?

OP posts:
belgo · 16/01/2009 15:57

don't take aspirin during pregnancy unless you are prescribed it by a doctor.

Aspirin helps thin the blood, which could in turn help prevent some miscarriages, depending on the cause of the miscarriage.

LackaDAISYcal · 16/01/2009 16:09

ktnixon. sorry to hear about your miscarriages

I had a DS, then tried for another baby when he was three and had two miscarriages six months apart.

I was very apprehensive about trying again, but we did as we didn't want DS to be an only child. My pregnancy was fine, albeit a little tense, but I got lots of moral support from the knicker checkers thread on here and my DD was born just after DS's 5th birthday. I've since gone on to have another baby, so it can happen. the factt hat you have had one successful pregnancy means that the odds are definately in your favour..

I would take either folic acid or a pregnancy multivit as it's recommended that you take the folic acid when trying to concieve.

Good Luck

ktnixon · 16/01/2009 16:14

I have got the pregnacare tablet, which i took before having my daughter & have just started taking it.

I think it is so frustrating knowing that i have had a sucessful pregnancy & nobody can tell me why i have gone on to miscarry twice!!

OP posts:
sfxmum · 16/01/2009 16:19

I so completely understand you I had 3 miscarriages before dd now 3.7 and 2 after her, last one in September
and although time is running out for me in terms of age I am very afraid of trying again trying to work out it I should just have one more go or call it quits

but you can never tell can you best get on with the folic acid get a supportive GP and hope for the best

belgo · 16/01/2009 16:22

ktnixon -no-one could tell me why I miscarried twice. Because there wasn't really a reason, there was nothing wrong with me, it was just bad luck, and that may be the case with you as well.

ktnixon · 16/01/2009 16:24

After each miscarriage it doesnt put me off wanting another but the thought of getting pregnant again does scare me more!!!!

I am not at the stage where i am desperate to have another one & hope that i dont ever feel like it. At the moment i would like to have another but if it doesnt happen i know we have a beautiful little girl to keep us busy.

It would be lovely to be able to give her a brother or sister though!!!

OP posts:
LackaDAISYcal · 16/01/2009 16:30

I was told that I was just unlucky to be the 1 in 5 pregnancies that end in miscarriage two times in a row. There was no obvious reason for mine either.

lobeov · 17/01/2009 04:40

I had 2 healthy pg 2 boys 3 and 2,we start trying in june and I got pregnant right away i had a chemical Mc at 5 weeks , they told me wait for 3 periods , I did got pg again in Oct, had and early sonogram at 8 weeks everything was normal, I was so happy, yesterday I went for my 12 weeks check up and not heartbeat, they determined I had a MMC , i had a DC this morning,the baby stop growing at 8 1/2 w,I know I have to be positive but at this point i don't If I want to put my self after thru another pg. I admire all of you for you strength.
Good luck

BlueCowBackToWondering · 17/01/2009 06:38

I had baby, baby, mc,mc, baby. Until the first mc hadn't understood what all the fuss was about

my 2nd was a missed mc, and very hard. I think maybe you need to take lots of care of yourself, so I would second the folic acid advice, or the pregnancy vitamin as it'll help you be in good shape, whether or not you're pregnant.

lucykate · 17/01/2009 09:03

i've been through very similar. had dd in 2002, we started trying for no.2 at the end of 2003, but i had my first m/c in feb 2004, at 11 weeks. we'd already seen a heartbeat on a scan at 8 weeks due to bleeding, but at the next scan, a missed m/c was diagnosed. had my second m/c in may 2004, happened naturally at 7 weeks.

didn't get pg again until september 04, this was my only every trouble free pregnancy, as i'd had bleeding with dd too. ds was born a year to the day after the second m/c. i have to admit though, i was so worried about this last pg going bad, we more or less ignored the fact was pg. we barely talked about it, i just threw myself into work and dd, i only packed my hospital bag when i went into labour. the relief when ds was born was overwhelming.

bluesatinsash · 17/01/2009 09:03

So sorry for your loss ktnixon. I had 2 mmc last year too (Aug and Dec, bean had stopped growing at 5-6 weeks found out at 8 week scan) after having DS (now 2.5). DH and me are taking a few months off from it all as I need a break from all the knicker checking and worry.

I have been reassured that unfortunately two mc are common which is why they don't investigate until you have had 3 as they deem 2 to be 'chance' and 'sheer bad luck'. These statistics are what I'm clinging too!

My advice would be get fit and healthy, give up caffeine, reduce alcohol, take multi-vits and try to relax (easier said than done I know).

bluesatinsash · 17/01/2009 09:10

lobeov - just read your post and am heart broken for you. Its especially cruel when you have seen a heartbeat and start to think everything might be OK.

Everything will be raw just now but take time and see how you feel in a few months. There are lots of mc support threads here (I'm on Emmsy's Angels), don't go through this alone x

LittlePeanut · 17/01/2009 09:28

lobeov, so sorry to hear what you're going through.

I had 1 early MC, then my DD, then 2 missed MC (one at 17 weeks, one at 9 weeks).

Then right now I appear to be having a chemical miscarriage - which I had never even heard of until recently. Basically a very early MC.

I had to have a D&C with my 2 missed MC. I remember how difficult this was. Very painful (emotionally), especially after having seen a healthy heartbeat already. It's just devestating.

I am so sorry for your loss. It does get easier, but you never forget.

Same to you as well bluesatinsash I hope everything works out for you. Good advice about trying to get fit and cut out caffeine etc.

ktnixon - good luck to you. I am in a similar situation, my DD is nearly 3 and I would dearly love another. Don't lose hope, and keep taking the folic acid.

belgo · 17/01/2009 09:34

how are you today ktnixon? Did you do a pregnancy test?

lobeov · 18/01/2009 05:39

I don't drink, I don't smoke I work out 3 times a week, and I cut off cafeine as soon I found out I was pregnant, I was on prenatal a month before I started trying, I think something is wrong with me, but all the blood work came normal.
I had a conversation with OBGYN on thursday she basically told me that the risk of miscarrige is 20% and it increses after 35, i just turned 35 in december,she also told me that i just had two bad eggs,just bad luck ....usually all the miscarriges that happened within the first trimester is because the baby has a cromosomal problem.
I'm really sad i have been crying all day, hopefully i will feel better soon, my husband wants to start trying in 6 months, but I'm no really sure if i want.
Good luck to all

Ange2005 · 18/01/2009 20:49

I'm really sorry to read about everyone's losses. I've posted elsewhere on this site and don't want to repeat myself too much but here is some info. about our pregnancies:
Fergus our son born 27/05/05, died 30/09/05 of SMARD1 (rare genetic disease)
March 2006 - miscarriage at approx. 7 weeks
October 2006 - miscarriage (no heartbeat detected at CVS - 11 weeks 3 days)
February 2007 - Termination - baby affected by SMARD1 and would have died in the first 6 months of its life
September 2007 - Miscarriage 9 weeks
April 2008 - miscarriage (no heartbeat detected at CVS - 11 weeks 3 days)
January 2009 - miscarriage at 8 weeks
Can hardly believe that this is our story.
We've had recurrent miscarriage investigations which have found no abnormalities. It's so hard to understand when we had Fergus and another potential live birth. I just wondered if anyone who has had miscarriages after a live birth/s has found any reason for their miscarriages.

Good luck to everyone.


lobeov · 19/01/2009 16:15

Hello Ange2005, I have 2 boys never had a problem,I got pregnant in July 08 and I have a Mc gpt Pg again in Oct I have a MMC at 8 weeks, they basically told me that because I'm 35 I'm more prompt to Mcs and also I had bad luck.
I'm so sorry about all you went through I hope you have a succesful pg.
Good luck

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