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Nova Fertility

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lost52 · 27/07/2023 23:01

Hi I am currently on my 3rd miscarriage in 6 months and wondering if anyone has used Nova Fertility? I have just booked an online appt and had to pay to book my reflexologist recommended the doctor but she seems to work at various places and the website just seems a bit odd so want to make sure it’s actually real.

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positivevibes32 · 29/07/2023 19:40

So sorry for your losses, I’m also in the same situation. I’ve just used Nova and had a positive experience after finding a few other posts online about using them. I’m just waiting for my summary of the appointment and I got a private prescription off them.

lost52 · 29/07/2023 20:53

@positivevibes32 thank you so much for letting me know. I booked the appointment then panicked a bit as I couldn’t did that much information on them. I have a telephone appt with Dr Mohiyiddeen so I am so glad you have now said yours has gone well as I really have no idea what to expect xx

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positivevibes32 · 29/07/2023 21:20

This is who I saw and she was very helpful! Best of luck to you and I hope it goes well xx

lost52 · 30/07/2023 08:07

@positivevibes32 thank you ❤️and good luck to you too xx

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lost52 · 08/08/2023 20:23

@positivevibes32 just wondered how long it took to get your summary back? My appointment did go ahead 😊

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positivevibes32 · 08/08/2023 22:17

How did it go? It took us a week to get our prescription and summary across :) x

lost52 · 09/08/2023 07:06

@positivevibes32 oh fab! It will be a week today so hopefully it’s coming soon. We started to panic as she was 20 mins late but I stayed on knowing yours had gone ahead so I’m glad I did. It was really good she went through all the nutritional advice, took down our history and then said she could give me a prescription and to take 2 months off trying. I felt so much better after the call. I felt reassured about not getting all the testing done yet aswell as she said it’s really expensive and often doesn’t show anything so to try the medication first xx

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positivevibes32 · 09/08/2023 09:22

it sounds like we’re in a similar situation as this is what she advised me too, we’re all of your losses early?
she also told me the same thing about spending loads of money testing as this is what they’d prescribe to someone in this situation anyways! i also felt more positive when I left :)
the prescription comes via feritility2u who have been really efficient also x

lost52 · 09/08/2023 14:22

@positivevibes32 my first loss I was 9 weeks and the following two were chemical pregnancy’s so a positive few days after period due then a few days later I suffered a miscarriage. Yeah she said she works in IVF clinic and these are the things they usually start with. She also said have a couple of months off trying as we have had 2 consecutive losses June & July but my first miscarriage was in February. I’m hoping the prescription comes by the end of the week so I have all the stuff when we are ready to start trying again xx

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Kellyaust · 19/08/2023 08:30

Hi, I've come across this thread I'm considering booking an appt with the same doctor, I had an MMC in may and can't seem to conceive again now, just wondering if it's worth it? What were you prescribed? And what are the costs involved? I hope you can shed some light for me before I decide to go ahead x

positivevibes32 · 19/08/2023 11:49

hey sorry for your loss @Kellyaust. It was £150 for the appointment and my medications cost about £600. this was for progesterone, blood thinners and steroids. i’m still waiting for an NHS referral with potentially long wait times hence why i’ve paid privately.
it’s a difficult decision as technically i’ve not been diagnosed with anything (at least yet) but am willing to try this whilst I wait for more testing if we happen to fall pregnant again x

Kellyaust · 19/08/2023 11:55

@positivevibes32 thank you for replying, can I ask why blood thinners and steroids? X

positivevibes32 · 19/08/2023 14:15

this is due to my medical history and basic blood tests through my GP. the consultant at Nova talked me through it all as im sure you can imagine there’s a lot to consider x

lost52 · 19/08/2023 15:22

@Kellyaust sorry for your loss. It was the same for me £150 for the appt and just over £600 for the prescription: progesterone, steroids, blood thinning injections, high dose folic acid but I haven’t placed my order yet as I have gone back to my gp to see if they will prescribe any of it now that I have the recommendation from a specialist.

My GP surgery are taking forever to get back to me though so I think I am just going to pay for the prescription. I’ve had 3 miscarriages and I’ve just found out my referral wasn’t even sent to recurrent miscarriage 7 weeks ago! They won’t even see you unless you have had 2 or 3 loses and the wait lists I saw were over a year for treatment. Good luck whatever you decide xx

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Kellyaust · 19/08/2023 15:30

@positivevibes32 I appreciate that yes thank you fir you reply. X

@lost52 yes I'm not even considering my GP they're absolutely terrible and will literally do nothing for me... I'm 38 and already have children so clearly I don't matter, I know I have endo and my right tube is blocked with fluid (I saw a consultant for this and she basically said ah it's fine either go on contraception for pain or not) really really helpful.... Anyway I got preg on 2nd cycle trying in Feb so I thought ok it's fine, then had the mmc may, and now not a sniff of another bfp and I feel a lot of pain all throughout my cycle. 🤦‍♀️ I'm not sure what I'll do tbh maybe give it another 2 months then book with nova, the prescription cost scares me though is that for only one month? X

lost52 · 19/08/2023 16:17

@Kellyaust I am also 38 and have one child already. My GP surgery haven’t done a thing, no scans or anything. They think because I have managed to get pregnant it’s fine. That is all the medication to cover you through a pregnancy so you wouldn’t need anymore. Only thing that worries me is if I pay it all then never get pregnant, what on earth would I do with it all!

The doctor at nova was really helpful she advised a lot of changes to lifestyle can help not just medication so maybe try this first? She is the doctor for recurrent miscarriage at st Mary’s in Manchester so she seemed very knowledgeable and I liked the fact she didn’t send us for loads of tests that could cost thousands.

OP posts:
Kellyaust · 19/08/2023 16:27

@lost52 ah right that's the whole pregnancy prescription then not too bad, the steroids are confusing me though... I know progesterone because my epu have said if I get pregnant again I will get that from them from 6 weeks onwards anyway but baby stopped growing at 6 weeks so I fear that would be too late.

Lifestyle changes I've made are completely stopped smoking (I smoked before any bfp for years), cut caffeine, cut sugary drinks, I eat well, always been healthy I'm size 10 so not overweight. I started taking Vit D, folic acid, and Vit B6 2 months ago. Do you think I'm missing anything? X

lost52 · 19/08/2023 18:57

She advised to start the progesterone from day 18 of cycle then if you get a positive test after 10 days then you continue for 12 weeks. Steroids are different these are to stop your body rejecting the pregnancy - again from positive test. She might suggest different for you anyway 😊

i read it starts with the egg which recommends supplements but the only extra one I take aside from pregnanacare is coq10 which is meant to help with egg quality x

Prednisolone – The Fertility Wonder Drug? | Your IVF Journey

Prednisolone (or Prednisone) is often prescribed to fertility patients. But can it really prevent miscarriage and boost implantation rates? Here's our verdict.

OP posts:
Kellyaust · 20/08/2023 13:45

@lost52 thank you so much for your help.... I've just got a very early 9dpo bfp 🥺🤞🎉

lost52 · 20/08/2023 19:21

@Kellyaust how wonderful! Good luck to you ❤️get some rest and try not to worry xx

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Rashidkay · 21/09/2023 10:21

This reply has been withdrawn

This message has been withdrawn at the poster's request

Rashidkay · 21/09/2023 10:31

Hi, how's everything going for you now? I've had 7 miscarriage and 1 positive test for blood clotting disorder while abroad. Nhs are not helping me at all, so I'm going to try Dr lamiya, was wondering if your prescription was for the one month of the entire pregnancy? Also do they offer any monitoring? Because taking these things probably requires some extra check ups and care?

Rashidkay · 27/09/2023 21:59

I just had a phone consultation with Dr Lamiya and she only prescribed blood thinners until 12 weeks of pregnancy. This is a bit worrying because most women take it until about 34 weeks. Also £600 is a lot just for 12 weeks 😱

Bay9 · 24/10/2023 20:01

@lost @Kellyaust

Just found this post after my consultation with Dr Lamiya. She has prescribed me with doxycycline, progesterone and high dose folic acid. I’m still waiting for my report and prescription to come through. How did you get on following your consultations with Dr Lamiya? Hope everything okay after your bfp @Kellyaust 💕

Kellyaust · 25/10/2023 14:18

@Bay9 thsnk you yes all is going well so far I am now 13 weeks 🤞🎉

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