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Waiting for AF after MMC

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Bristolian1 · 22/06/2014 17:13

Hi All,

I had a medical management of MMC nearly 11 weeks ago. I had a follow up scan and bfn 3 weeks later, but have not seen AF yet. I am not pregnant (have tested). Should I be worried that my cycles haven't started yet? Has anyone else experienced similar waits? I've been to see my doctor, who says not to worry until 8 weeks after I went HCG negative. I am not coping well with the loss, even though it has been a while, the GP thought that I might be too stressed to cycle?

I just want to be cycling again so that I know my body is getting back to normal and I might be able to conceive again.

I'd love to hear if anyone's been through anything similar...

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