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7 week miscarriage

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DDMB · 31/05/2014 09:32

Hi, just wanted some advice if possible. I want gp yesterday as had a bleed in the morning, I was 7 weeks. The bleed stopped but got booked for scan a epu on Monday. Well yesterday afternoon/night ( tmi) had major bleeding and clots and passed two lots of tissue, different from clots. Bleeding seems to have eased but still crampy. Will that be it over? And do I just wait for Monday to make sure everything has gone at epu? Greatful for any advice, thank you.

OP posts:
ots · 31/05/2014 09:44

Hi, sorry you are going through this as well. I had a small bleed monday night and directly rang the EPU rather than going through my GP. Had a scan wednesday which showed baby stopped growing 2 weeks ago and had no heartbeat. I'm 8 weeks but baby is only measuring at 6 weeks. I had previously had a scan and everything had been fine then. Wednesdays scan showed no growth since the previous one. I decided to have surgery as just wanted baby out asap. Im booked in for monday morning, but yesterday had a massive bleed that lasted most of the day. Passed several large clots and a couple that were about the size of my palm, then lots of heavy bleeding along with contraction like pains.

It does sound like your bleed was pretty much the same, and sounds like thats it. Still go in on monday as they will probably want to scan you to check its all gone.

So sorry about your sad news Thanks

DDMB · 31/05/2014 09:49

Thanks so much for reply, I'm hoping that's it, its all very grim isn't it? I'm sorry for your loss. Hope your ok. Its all very sad but just want it to be done. Onwards and upwards, take care.

OP posts:
ots · 31/05/2014 09:52

Its horrible and much harder than I thought it would be. Luckily I have 3 year old DS to keep me going. You take care too xx

DDMB · 31/05/2014 09:56

I have a nearly two year old dd so very lucky too. I agree, hadn't really thought about what would happen physically. Thanks x

OP posts:
Rejjie · 31/05/2014 10:15


I'm sorry for your loss.

I am going through my first miscarriage at the moment. I started bleeding heavily on Tues and was taken by ambulance to A&E then moved to the EPU. I was waiting for ever and basically passed the remains in the loo. I had terrible pain (I have a very high pain threshold - so it was bad) in the early hours of Wednesday morning and lost a lot more blood. By yesterday the bleeding had stopped but has come back with a vengeance this morning. I can only assume that this will happen for a while as the tissue from the thickening wall of the uterus comes away. Obviously it may be less as you were at an earlier stage but I'm certainly no expert.

One thing I would say is go for any scans they offer you. We have to go for one on the same day that we would have our dating scan. Personally I think I'm going to feel like my heart's being ripped out and stamped on but I know that I need to have it to make sure that there is nothing left and no risk of infection.

It is so hard and I'm bursting into tears daily. I know that there is nothing I can do to move this along; it is, after all, a grieving process.

Here if you want to talk.


DDMB · 31/05/2014 10:30

Thanks Rejjie , its awful isn't it.

I passed a lot of stuff so fingers crossed the worse is over. I just hope everything has gone so don't have to have any procejure. I'm sorry your going through it too, can't imagine how much harder it gets the further along you are.

In a way I feel relieved as I never felt it was right from the start so at least I know now, its so hard. I'm trying my hardest to keep going as have my dd to look after, which has helped greatly.

Hope its all over quickly and easily for both of us.

OP posts:
calistamommy · 01/06/2014 22:36

so sorry you're going through this. I had my first miscarage at 7 wks. cramping to start with then bleeding that got heavier. it got worse and I had to go to hospital where the pain was so bad I was on gas & air. the bleeding continued with small clots etc. we had a scan & was told they couldn't find a heartbeat. so I was sent home and told to come bk on Friday ( this happened on a Monday) but later that evening I passed the baby, I knew it was more than just a big clot. so on the Friday the scan showed no sac. the bleeding lessened and lasted about two wks getting lighter until it stopped. my 2nd miscarage at 5wks 5days was less painful but again I knew when I passed the baby. sending you gentle (( hugs ))

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