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Miscarriage started how long?

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Jays43 · 18/01/2014 20:04

Hi I have posted before but on a different thread. My circumstances have changed slightly since. Found out over the course of several scans that my pregnancy is not going any further. I am 11 weeks but pregnancy is only showing about 5 weeks. Sac is about 4 mm. Started bleeding Friday of last week and went for a scan Friday just gone. Sac still there whilst shrunk. I am having intermittent pains now and have done for a week. I have appointment this Thursday for medical management if it doesn't happen naturally. Really want it to happen naturally any advice to bring it on more?

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Elewis79 · 19/01/2014 02:04

Hi big hugs to you at this difficult time , I miscarried 7 weeks ago and I am still waiting for it to happen naturally i have a few pains but no bleeding , i have been told sometimes it never happens no matter how long you wait , i dont think there is anything u could do to bring it on , please if you dont mind what made you choose medical management rather than surgery ? i am booked in for surgery and am a bit scared x

bakingtins · 19/01/2014 07:51

Hi Jay I'm sorry you are still waiting. My friend always swore by being active and taking out your frustration by digging the garden or going out for a stomp around, if you feel up to it. I think elewis also has a point that with a MMC bodies can hang on for a long time.
I've had medical management for an incomplete natural MC and it was ok, but it does cause quite strong contractions, so make sure you ask for something more heavy duty than the painkillers you have at home.

Jays43 · 19/01/2014 10:19

Elewis79 bless you, it's so rubbish isn't it ;( I chose medical management just because I was only 5 weeks and hoping there isn't that much to come away. I just wanted to avoid an operation but I am fully aware I may still need one if it doesn't come away. Bakingtins thanks your advice the epu did say that they will prescribe me some strong painkillers. I don't think there is a better option I just want it to happen naturally. I spent the evening with v strong cramps and bleeding so I'm going on a massive walk today ;) elewis79 if you ever want to talk inbox me, it's such frustrating time. Just want it all over xx

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Jays43 · 19/01/2014 10:20

When is your surgery elewis?

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MyNameIsKenAdams · 19/01/2014 10:25

So sorry you are going throigh this OP.

I started bleeding at ten weeks, lightly, then about three days later (having been to EPAU and my GP and being told to wait it out), I began havibg major period pains and sort of just knew I was losong the baby.

It all happened at home and DH was amazing. We had to take anything we could salvage (for want of a better word), into EPAU the next day which was beyond horrific, sittong in the standard antenatal waiting room full of pregnant women getting their 12/20 wk scans.

Bled heavily for around four days, but had cramps and back pain for at least another week on top.

I hope this happens soon for you and that it is as physically painless as possible.

Toucanet · 19/01/2014 23:29

Hi Jays43, sorry to hear what you're going through. Do you mean embryo 4mm, not the sac? That would sound more like 5 weeks.

I went through similar last year - spotting in wk 10, heavy at the end of the week and scan 11,1 showed the embyro was only ~6 weeks. 2nd scan 12,3 the sac had shrunk but still there though I'd had two pretty painful nights and thought that might have been it (my cramping & heavy bleeding always seemed to be at night for some reason). Booked in for med mngement at 12,6 as didn't want to be housebound indeterminately till it finished, as midwife had advised, though was scared mm might be painful. Perhaps owing to that it passed completely in the small hours of 12,6, hrs before my hosp appt. When I passed the sac realised I was stupid for thinking some of the earlier clots could have been it - was ~peach-sized though the passing itself not painful. Paracetamol certainly seemed to have no discernable effect for me though so if you go for natural agree it would be good to have some stronger painkillers. Can't really suggest scaring yourself as a way to bring it on though! Good luck and I hope it ends soon. (Natural was my preference too, I did book for the med just to get it over with though but didn't want D&C just due to the small risk of perforation).

Toucanet · 19/01/2014 23:38

oops posted too soon - I guess with mm you have the advantage that the nurses can give you decent painkillers whereas with natural the contractions might not be as bad as with mm but from experience something stronger than usual would still help. Just don't know if they'd prescribe you something strong to take at home. I will be asking for co-codamol or something though if have another missed misc. Should be 10 wks tomorrow but v few pregnancy symptoms so I'm afraid the same thing might be happening to me again too :(

Waitingforflo · 19/01/2014 23:43

So sorry for what you're going through - it's just horrible, and the not knowing is dreadful.

I agree with bakingtins - lots and lots of activity. I tend to not stop once the bleeding does start: moving furniture, exercise DVDs, sit ups, piggy backs for my youngest, all of that and more, as well as really hot baths in between the activity (leave the door unlocked though).

I find it usually takes a week from the bleeding being reasonably regular to passing everything.

I wish you all the best.

Waitingforflo · 19/01/2014 23:46

Also, if you go in for medical management, I found that morphine was the worst thing I could have taken. The contractions were really bad with one of my MMCs and I thought I just needed a break. The morphine stopped everything and I was back at square one Sad. I find it better to just plough through if possible - that's not bravado as I am a wimp, and I panic, but I've learned the hard way.

sparklingportrait · 20/01/2014 08:13

Morning girls I'm so very sorry for all that you are going through but it helps a little to know that others are going through the same as me.
My story is tragically similar and am devastated as it was our DEIVF
first attempt abroad. I should be 10 weeks today but heartbeat
stopped sometime around 8 weeks though I think growth had slowed earlier . I got really bad cramps on sat night and yesterday with bleeding but not a lot of clots. It's kind of stopped now ... is that it?? Or more to come ..I'm terrified x

Waitingforflo · 20/01/2014 09:26

I'm so sorry sparkling - it's such a difficult time and, for me, the fact that no one spoke about how scary it was made it worse. I can completely understand the terror. It's about not knowing isn't it? All of the midwives and doctors would just say 'everyone's different' to every single question and, while I know that (practically every mc has been different for me, so I know it all too well), it would still help if you had something that was 'set.'

I would say that there is more to come as you still need to pass everything even at 8/10 weeks. If I was going through it again just now, I'd expect the cramping and lower back pain to kick in, then the bleeding to increase. I'd then be as active as possible to get things moving. I personally find passing the sac the most difficult thing, physically.

I hope it all goes as well as we can hope for Sad.

Jays43 · 24/01/2014 15:14

Hi all I had my last scan yesterday showing a collapsing sac and no growth. I was 6 ish weeks when it stopped growing but I'm nearer 12! I had some pessaries yesterday and whilst I have had pain no bleed. I have another dose for tomorrow to take. Has anyone else had similar where it can take time. I don't want the op;(

OP posts:
Waitingforflo · 24/01/2014 16:33

So sorry Jays43 - yes, I've had one where the tablets didn't work in the morning, took more that afternoon, got pessaries that night and then they gave me more tablets and pessaries the next day. I was bleeding for a large part of it though. I didn't need surgical intervention but, I'll be honest, it was hard.

eurochick · 24/01/2014 16:38

I started "project eviction" as soon as I knew my pregnancy wouldn't continue - I flogged myself on gruelling runs, I drank strong coffee and booze. I have no idea whether any of that made a difference or if it would have happened anyway, but I started to miscarry about 4 days in to "project eviction"

Toucanet · 01/02/2014 23:49

Jays43, I hope it's completed for you.

The same thing is happening to me now, unfortunately. Found today that the heartbeat stopped at 9 weeks, though it should be 12 tomorrow.

I'm not bleeding this year though so intending to follow your plan eurochick, in the digging if not the runs, but book medical management for next weekend if possible. A bit scared of how painful that'll be though - feel a bit feeble saying this when it's still early, and clearly several ladies here been through it more than twice - its horrific isn't it and later must be absolutely awful.
But even with a 6 week embryo last time, 3 nights (of 2 weeks till it completed) were pretty painful and certainly made me more open to an epidural should I ever get that far. At least medical might take

andrearobinson1986 · 02/02/2014 11:29

Hi I found out Friday out Friday my baby had no heart beat. I'm should be 10 weeks today. I've had a real rollercoster since boxing day bleeding and examinations to tell me I had a erosion on my cervix. Then to be told Friday at a scan my devastating news. I feel absolutely devastated, but at the same time silly as people go through a lot worse further in pregnancy. Is this normal?

miserywaterfall · 02/02/2014 12:31

Andrea, I am so sorry Sad feeling like this is definitely normal. I found out almost 2 weeks ago at my 12 week scan my baby had died at 9 weeks and I am completely heartbroken. Infact, I am still going between feeling numb and feeling devastated. I don't know when I'll start to feel better, but hoping when the hormones calm down I will be slightly less emotionally erratic.

Jazzyjenbo on here has made a private Facebook group for anyone who has went through this kind of thing recently. It's basically a place to rant and cry and you get support from people who have been there. Sorta like these forums, but on a more personal level. I don't know what I'd do without having somewhere to go and talk about things when I need to. If you're interested in the FB thing, Jazzy has a few threads in this forum about it and how to join.


jazzyjenbo · 02/02/2014 14:13

Its so sad to here more ppl going through what I am goung through, i had a mmc on the 20/1/14 and like misery sad found it hard sharing all the details and ways to move forward on mn as i didnt want to share such personal thoughts/feelings/emotions with strangers.
I've set up a fb group so that if you want a place to chat, share stories etc with other mn members but in the privacy of a small private group you can.
Pm me on here and i'll let u know what info i need to add you. Theres only 8 of us at the mo who have all had mc or mmc in the last few weeks.
I for 1 am finding it a great help to move forward and give each of the members a supportive shoulder to cry on.
Take care

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