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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Any Hope?

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Istherehope · 27/12/2012 19:06

12 wks but have been bleeding on & off since 23rd. It wasn't flowing blood but more coming out when I wiped. Anyway lots of tests yesterday. Baby is still in womb but they didn't locate a heartbeat. They said it was inconclusive & I will be having a different type scan tomorrow morning that will give a definate answer. I pushed the midwife & she said something about something on the sack not looking normal i.e. looked like the sack was going to collapse inwards & that I would have a miscarriage.

I have been under horrendous stress this pg as my partner walked out on me two days after pg was discovered. This was so so unexpected & so unlike him that I was left feeling traumatised. He won't talk to either me or his family so I still have no answers for why he did what he did. I'm left now feeling like all of the trauma & stress caused this. I feel so so torn part of me really wants this baby & hope that by some miracle a heartbeat will be found tomorrow but there is also another part of me that has been so so hurt that thinks maybe this is the best outcome.

Anyway just wanted to know from other people's experiences is there any hope my little baby will survive? Does anyone every have something like this happen & still go on to have a healthy baby?

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Istherehope · 27/12/2012 19:06

Forgot to say that the bleeding has stopped since last night.

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Irishmammybread · 27/12/2012 20:57

So sorry to hear what you're going through Istherehope .
I haven't been in your exact situation but I didn't want your post to go unanswered.
I hope a heartbeat is found, but if there isn't ,don't feel that the trauma or stress caused it, there would be nothing you could have done. Miscarriage is horribly common, I've had three this year, but I also bled at 9 weeks with my DD2 and the pregnancy progressed normally.
It must be so difficult without your partner's support, I hope you have good friends and family around you at this time.

Istherehope · 27/12/2012 22:31

Thanks for taking the time to reply & so sorry to hear about the losses you have had. Can't imagine the pain of going through this three times.

I had some more blood loss earlier so I think the hope is beginning to fade. The grief is huge & lots of regrets about letting the trauma take from bonding properly with my baby.

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Bakingtins · 27/12/2012 23:16

I'm sorry you are facing this. No visible heartbeat that far on does not sound good, unless you could be massively out with dates.
Please don't in any way blame yourself for lack of bonding, uncertain feelings about the pregnancy or stress levels, Nothing you have done has caused this. Women can do everything wrong and go on to have healthy babies, or do everything by the book and miscarry.
Thinking of you tomorrow.

Welovecouscous · 27/12/2012 23:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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