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HCG levels dropping slowly after ERPC

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browneyesblue · 03/04/2012 09:17

I had an ERPC following a MMC a month ago (2 March). I was 10 weeks. I was told to do a pregnancy test after 2 weeks, which I did. It was clearly positive.

My GP sent me for a scan after 3 weeks, has I had some brown discharge still (swabs for infection were negative). The scan showed there was no tissue retained, but there were a few small clots which I was told were normal.

As I was still testing positive, the GP sent me for beta HCG tests on Fri and Monday. Friday's level was 14, and I was really happy it was so low. I foolishly hoped that Monday's test may be negative, but it was 11. I've been told to test again in two weeks time :(

I know my levels are very low, but I'm so frustrated they aren't negative yet. I had a MC in Oct and I did a negative test within 2 weeks, so I just assumed it would be the same this time. I'm desparate for things to return to normal, and I can't believe I only dropped 3 points in 3 days! I can't stand the waiting. I'm waiting for a negative test because we want to start ttc again, I don't know that I could handle the uncertainty of whether I had a BFP or not.

Has anyone else had this?

OP posts:
lola4lee · 04/04/2012 12:37

Sorry for your losses

Try not to rush your body, let it do what it needs to do.
Usually a home pregnancy test only shows positive when levels over 50 so you shouldn't be showing that now but bloods are much more accurate, they are coming down and the scan has shown all normal, focus on that.

As for ttc do it when u are ready, if that is now then why not?

Good luck xx

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