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HCG levels still rising a week after Methotrexate injection - what does it mean?

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lizziebennet · 01/03/2012 14:47

I had a miscarriage in very early pregnancy three weeks ago. I didn't have heavy bleeing at the time, thoug there was some blood for a few days.

As my HCG levels were still rising and I continued to be in a lot of pain, I was given an injection of Methotrexate a week ago. I haven't bled since then, the only change has really been the side effects form the injection - so throwing up etc - and my HCG levels are still rising, though not by loads.

Has anyone else experienced this? I was told to expect the levels to go up a bit at Day 4 but to be dropping away by Day 7. I know there's an option of a second dose, but for it not to have worked at all by Day 7 doesn't seem a great sign.

Any thoughts from anyone or any experiences of something similar and what happened in the end would be much appreciated.

OP posts:
stopgoogling · 01/03/2012 18:43

I'm so sorry you are going through this.
I had an ectopic pregnancy which ended in a natural miscarriage about 4 months ago. I also had a worrying time with HCG levels, but didn't get as far as methotrexate, so I'm sorry I don't have any experience with this. Have you tried trying to find out more from the ectopic pregnancy trust as they have a message board and you might find that more people have had similar experiences than on this site.
Good luck, its such a worrying time when you don't know what is going on...xx

tasmaniandevilchaser · 01/03/2012 20:31

Hi there, sorry you're going through this. I have just had an ectopic pregnancy, I had surgery as my levels rose too high for the methotrexate. It was so so stressful waiting around getting blood tests, I really sympathise.

What are your HCG levels like? They scanned me once they got to 1100, which was a bit early but they could see the ectopic pregnancy (just about). What options are they talking about?

I would also recommend the ectopic pregnancy trust, though messages tend to get answered here more quickly, people there will all have been through similar things and there's lots of really good info (and a helpline you can call)

I hope it all gets resolved quickly, let me know how you get on

lizziebennet · 02/03/2012 08:26

Thanks to you both. I have been on the site you suggested, but everything there seems to suggest that this is not a good sign and that it probably isn't working. I guess I was hoping someone would come on and say, don't worry, that happened to me and it was fine. I guess I need to face that that isn't going to happen.

My hcg levels have never been high as things started to go wrong the day after my test date. They were only at 127 yesterday, but that's up from 79 the day before I had the injection, so totally the wrong direction. I know they need to be down at 3 before they stop sticking needles in me.

The woman who phoned yesterday with my bloods clearly didn't know what that meant so wasn't able to give me any idea of what might happen next. I think I will try and get hold of someone medical this morning to have a chat.

OP posts:
lizziebennet · 02/03/2012 08:29

I meant to say. I had a laparoscopy ten years ago which turned into a laparotomy. I lost loads of blood, got PID and took years to get over it physically. I am terrified of the same thing happening again.

OP posts:
tasmaniandevilchaser · 02/03/2012 11:25

oh lizzie, what an awful thing to go through, you can't be left hanging on like this. Your levels are very low, I don't know if that's any consolation, probably not after your terrible experience. And waiting around is torture Sad

Have they made you an appt to talk to a doc at the EPAU? Are you taking it easy? Let us know how you get on x

lizziebennet · 04/03/2012 20:37

I am not sure that there is an Early Pregnancy Unit here, but I hadn't yet been discharged from Assisted Conception so have just been in and out of there.

The great news is that I have now been bleeding a bit and just feel a bit easier all round, so am keeping my fingers crossed that when I get my blood test tomorrow things are moving in the right direction.

Hope you are recovering tasmanian

OP posts:
tasmaniandevilchaser · 04/03/2012 21:57

Glad it seems to be resolving, hope the blood test tomorrow gives you good results. Do they let you know the results quite quickly? They always rang me the same day.

I hope you're taking lots of time to rest, it's a horrible rollercoaster, made all the worse thinking of your past experiences Sad. I suppose I've been lucky (don't feel it tho!), for me the physical side has been ok but I'm exhausted in every possible way, and I'll be taking a couple of weeks off work.

mistlethrush · 04/03/2012 22:00

Lizzie - sorry you're going through this.

I've had a mp in the past - and so get very spooked at levels after a mc - and both since my sucessful pregnancy I've had levels that are not normal until at least 3 months after my mc.

The levels you were talking about are very low - so hopefully everything will sort itself out - but please make sure that you do get them all checked properly and don't get told that you're OK without having it confirmed with a blood test.

lizziebennet · 05/03/2012 11:48

Lucky is all relative isn't it.

The results always come very quickly, they usually phone around 3.

Fingers crossed that the levels have dropped significantly so I don't have to have another dose of the methotrexate.

OP posts:
lizziebennet · 05/03/2012 19:25

And they are now dropping.

Thanks so much to you all for your support.

OP posts:
tasmaniandevilchaser · 05/03/2012 21:04

That's really great news! So glad the levels are dropping, hope that it all finishes very soon. Ectopic pregnancies are such a horrible thing, I'm still getting my head round it all, I don't feel I'll ever really relax and enjoy a pregnancy now (if I' m ever brave enough to try again). It will always be fraught with worry about something Sad

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