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Please HELP!! M/C 5 weeks ago now ive been ovulating for a week??

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charlii · 01/12/2011 15:21

Hello, I hope this makes sense!!
I had a m/c @ 7+1 on the 23rd oct and I bleed quite bad for 5 days then stopped, all happened naturally (this was my 4th m/c). I tested a pregency test 2 weeks later and was neg so decided to start on my ovulation tests again.
I got a positive((smiley face)) on the 22nd nov which all felt like i was ovulating and then just to make sure left a day and then got a neg which was normal! The day after it came back positive again and is still testing positive today 1st dec???
This has never happened before and im not quite sure whats happening???
Any Ideas???????

Charlotte xxx

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