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Miscarriage/pregnancy loss

Has anyone else suffered a late loss and an early loss?

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iloveblue · 22/02/2011 20:52

Hi all

We lost a baby at 20 weeks gest in October (still awaiting test and PM results - appointment 15th March). I became pregnant again in January, only to lose this baby on Sunday at 7 weeks gest.

My immediate reaction was there must be a connection, but my GP and nurse both said they won't be linked, and are completly different medically. That does make sense to me now, thinking about it.

Has anyone else experienced both and if so was any link ever suggested/investigated?

And, to cheer me up - has anyone gone onto have a successful pregnancy?

I have had 2 successful pregnancies with no problems ( two boys aged 4 and 6)

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minmooch · 23/02/2011 16:54

I have but not sure I am what you want to hear. I have two children from my first marriage. With dh no 2 we had 3 early miscarriages (8 12 6 weeks) then fell pregnant with identical twin girls. Unfortunately we list them at 21 weeks due to specific identical twin problems. I have just suffered my 5 th miscarriage since losing our girls. I have had masses of tests nothing has come up. I know I can carry to term and our girls are proof that dh and I can get a pregnancy passed 12 weeks. I am 43 so expect some of the miscarriages will be due to age.

I think most women do not ever find a reason why they suffer miscarriages. I do belong to the SANDS (stillbirth and neonatal death society) where I have many friends who have gone on to have healthy pregnancies and wonderful live screaming babies. Do join the
Message boards over there if you wish as there us much support for women who have suffered a late loss.

Wishing you much luck and a happy healthy pregnancy comes your way soon.

Voy31 · 27/02/2011 15:05

I have had very similar experiences to you. I had a mmc last year in May at 7 weeks, and to my horror a 20 week loss in Jan this year. Its been only 5 weeks since I lost my little girl due to premature rupture of membranes which brought on an early spontaneous labour. I'm still totally grief stricken.

Thank goodness I have a 2 yr old boy already so I know I can conceive and carry a baby to term with no problems, but these 2 losses have really thrown me. I can't say if we'll try again after this. However, to cheer you up my friend had 3 m/c's in a row (though all before 12 weeks) and was told there was no medical explanation as she had all the tests. It was just 'bad luck' which is apparently the case for me too though unusual to have 3 in a row for no apparent reason (only happens 1% of couples.) This friend went on to have 2 boys who are now 2 yrs and 6 months old. she is considering a third.

Both of my losses happened for totally different reasons and so they are not linked. My first mmc was due to a 'blighted ovum.' As far as I can tell pregnancy is as much about luck and chance as anything, and no one knows what will happen. I just don't know if I could face another pregnancy and the anxiety of it all. This latest loss has been the worst experience of my life. Good for you for being brave enough!

StewieGriffinsMom · 02/03/2011 08:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

getoffme · 03/03/2011 12:17

so sorry to read this, come to us for support if you need it.
my aunt lose 4 babies at different stages, and then had a girl, she is a grandma now... there is always hope.

LIBBY70 · 03/03/2011 12:56

Hi loveblue,

So sorry you have had to go through this, it is so hard.

Hopefully i can give you a sorry of hope. I had my losses the other way round to you. Lost my first pregnancy at 11wks (only sac seen at scan). Then got pregnant again and lost my little boy at 23wks after going into early labour. Was the worst time of my life but was 10years ago now and i have gone on to have 3 healthy children. Didnt enjoy my first successful pregnancy at all as i was so sure it would all go wrong again.
Hope so much you go onto have the family you would like.

18angels · 08/03/2011 20:02

yes i lost a boy at 18wks girl at 14 wks and 16 other between 4 and 10wks i also have four amazing sons thanks to kings collage hospital and my stuborness and whilst they have diagnosed several conditions in me they are treated during pregnancy now and i have lost 2 since november but i guess i will carry on and fight for what i want i just dont know how many more tears will fall but ask dh to check ur lopus anti co ags good luck xx

Phlebas · 09/03/2011 21:47

I've had losses at 5, 8, 8, 12, 14 (twins) & 17 weeks. I was diagnosed with APLS & high NK activity after my 12 week loss but went on to have two more miscarriages while they figured out a drug treatment that would work (for me progesterone, aspirin, clexane & prednisolone). I have three living children & am currently 23 weeks pregnant.

iloveblue · 10/03/2011 15:48

Thank-you for all your replies - I've been taking a break from MN so havn't been checking.
I'm sorry you've all had to experience these losses but thank-you for sharing them with me and for giving me hope. I hope those of you who are trying you all go on to have successful pregnancies.

We saw the consultant and got our PM and blood test results from my 20 week loss back today. We found out our baby was a boy and that he had died at about 17weeks.
He was perfect - they can't find a reason.
All my blood tests were normal - they lost one, for a type of APS, so I had to have some more blood taken, but the consultant gave me the impression is was procedure really and she wasn't expecting to find anything.
She agrees with my GP that my two losses are not linked and has agreed to extra monitoring when I get pregnant again.

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