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tax credits and additional hours

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perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 22:16

namechange here
i maybe just maybe have the chance of 7 extra hours from 17 to 24 but when I work out the tax credit and childcare situation it only leaves me better off by a tenner - can this be right? I'm tempted, like the job - but sometimes is a struggle getting everything done on own with two young dc and wondering if I should jeopardise status quo for a tenner wwyd

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perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 22:38

anyone? is this likely to be correct?

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LastOrders · 15/06/2009 22:47

I would stick to 17hrs personally.

I went from a 16 hr a week job to 26 and it finished almost me off.

I don't think the £10 sum is right though. Have you included the extra wage there?

Go to, that may help.

But in my experience it was quite hard work. How old are DC?

LastOrders · 15/06/2009 22:48

almost finished me off sorry!

perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 22:54

thanks last
3 and 6 so getting easier ...
I used entitled but tbh the employer talked through so many options I am now totally confused
yes added in the extra wage, with my 17 hrs don't need childcare, with the extra hours I do - so pay 20% of that, and also the wtc element reduces dramatically outside the childcare element
I am thinking it will be pretty hard keeping everything going, too - I'm not afraid of hard work but I think when on your own you have to be so careful to allow time for keeping all the rest going
and keeping sane and just not going under
will be doing college as well ...

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LastOrders · 15/06/2009 23:00

I worked 5 and a bit hours each day, mon - fri.

My house slipped, the washing piled up, food not in the fridge and crappy meals on the table for DS each eve.

I had no time left for DS in the evenings (he was 4 and at nursery at the time) as I was busy doing all the housework in evenings, and I started to feel reaaly shit because of it!

Like you said, it's hard work doing it all on your own, no added pressures needed!

What are you going to do at college?

perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 23:06

I am doing childcare atm
and enjoying it so much have decided to finally pass a Maths GCSE next year (attempt 5) and then go for PGCE
I work in preschool which is moving to local primary hence opp of more hours
my basic innumeracy is not helping with the pros and cons!
more hours = more experience, brownie points
but also = more exhaustion and not much more money
my house has already slipped btw ...
what's your working pattern like now - did you have to reduce, or is it just better now ds is older?

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LastOrders · 15/06/2009 23:15

A few months after DS was born (I've been lone p since I was pg) I got a job doing 8 hours, which uped to 16. That worked well, then I moved to a job which was 25 - 30 hours a week, which was ok but took it's toll on me and DS, then I went back to what I done previously. Always managed financially etc.

I got made redundant 3 weeks ago so not working at the moment. Also back to college in Sept - HE ACCESS Social Studies full time - so really it's a good thing as I don't have to worry about childcare over summer now (DS now 5), every cloud and all that! Training to do some voluntary work atm.

And unbelivably, my house is more of a shitehole now I'm not working than it's ever been!!

perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 23:25

Yes, I agree 16ish hours is the best combination really
I have been on my own since dd 6 months and for ages didn't work, was so glad to get this job and term time only too, couldn't have managed the child care otherwise
sounds like redundancy was quite a blessing for you, hope you enjoy the Social Studies course!
and god do I know what you mean about the house, it expands to fill all hours was kind of hoping being away from it more might help there!
Thanks for replying it really helped to talk it over. Still not sure what I'm going to do except sleep on it. Really appreciate another point of view from someone who's been there.

OP posts:
perplexedregular · 15/06/2009 23:26

sorry that sounds like I want another one, I meant I appreciate yours. God I'm tired! thanks

OP posts:
LastOrders · 15/06/2009 23:31

No worries!

Hope it gets sorted.

perplexedregular · 16/06/2009 13:10

one more question, if I put in the figures on entitled dot com as a lone p it gives me a tax credit figure but no income tax is taken off whereas if I do it without dc it does not take off income tax
I've not previously been earning enough to pay income tax but will be going up to 8 or poss 10 grand thereabouts whoo hoo! I do need to take off tax, right?
help I need to give decision this pm!

OP posts:
LastOrders · 16/06/2009 21:15

Sorry I wasn't around to answer!! Would you pay tax on that amount? I'm not really to sure on that.

But that's all relevant because you would've given your answer by now, which is....?!

perplexedregular · 18/06/2009 18:51

going for the exta hours! at least that way I have an excuse for the house being like Steptoe and Son's
thanks for your help last, it really did help to talk it over

OP posts:
LastOrders · 20/06/2009 00:23

All the best

Think of that extra wonga!

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