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This board is primarily for those whose children have LGBTQ+ parents to share their personal experiences and advice.

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Are there any gay parents in the midlands

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Christinap30 · 20/10/2013 11:36


We are a lesbian couple living in solihull and are expecting our baby in April, I'm just wondering if there are any gay families in the midlands interesting in meeting up etc

OP posts:
hbmelon · 05/01/2014 20:48

Hi, we are a lesbian couple in Worcester and we are not parents yet but starting on the journey! My wife is quite shy but I would definitely be interested in chatting to some other people who are going through the same thing :-)

lucyxvivi · 31/01/2014 01:32


Congratulations!! :)

We're a young lesbian couple (living in Solihull) currently researching into getting pregnant with a lot of questions...
We would love to hear about your experience and what costs were involved.

Sabbyz1 · 03/02/2014 20:01

Hi all...
I am 32 and have a beautiful baby girl (1.5yrs old)
Would be great to meet other lesbians who are starting or have their own family. My daughter knows of no other lesbian families so would be nice for me and her to meet like minded people x
[email protected]

FinleysMummys · 18/02/2014 17:50

I have a 19 week old son with my wife, we are in the midlands xxx

jenophie · 18/02/2014 20:01

My wife and I live in North Warwickshire and our son is 16 weeks old.
Looking to try for baby number two this year :)

FinleysMummys · 20/02/2014 07:55

We are on shropshire x

Sebs08 · 24/03/2014 20:21

My partner and I are based in warwickshire and are just being our pregnancy journey...

Would love any help and advice or to hear from any gay parents in the midlands :)

Christinap30 · 30/03/2014 18:46

Hiya, does anyone fancy meeting up for a coffee in the loft lounge (only thought of the loft lounge as people can chat freely) on the 3rd may to chat and meet other gay families??

OP posts:
confuddledDOTcom · 30/03/2014 19:15

You could always post on your local boards as well, if you arrange a meet up the LE could promote it for you.

Sebs08 · 31/03/2014 13:36


Is the loft lounge in Birmingham? Did you get any responses from people advising they would like to attend?

We are not pregnant yet unfortunately however would still love to get together with other like minded people for any advice/info...

AmieLoveBug · 06/04/2014 18:57

Hi all,

My partner and I are soon to be starting on the journey (we live in the West Midlands) just wondered how you guys got on in the early stages - have you all gone through the private route?

Looking forward to your responses!

Sebs08 · 06/04/2014 19:04

Hi AmieLoveBug, we are also still in the very early stages so can't give you advice I'm afraid...we are currently waiting for a GP referral to our local fertility clinic however it looks like we will probably head down the private route as from what we have read we don't believe we are eligible for NHS funding however we haven't yet had this confirmed...
Have you been to your GP yet?

AmieLoveBug · 06/04/2014 19:10

Hi Sebs,

Thanks for your reply!

We're just waiting for an appointment, our GP isn't great so we're considering changing.

We don't have the money to go private - from what I've read it runs into the thousands? I have quite severe Polycystic Ovary Syndrome so hopefully the NHS will offer us some help.

I know there was talks last year of the NHS helping same sex couples and single women so you never know, although I think its all down the local PCT.

If you don't mind me asking, are you guys using a known donor? We like the idea of my partner carrying using my egg however it all depends on the fertility test results!

Sebs08 · 06/04/2014 19:27

We would also love for my partner to carry using my egg but financially, this isn't going to happen for us...if you've got PCOS I don't see what your local CCG won't cover-who is your local CCG?
The new NICE guidelines do mention same sex couples but to be honest the information available isn't great!
We are not using a known donor...

AmieLoveBug · 06/04/2014 19:36

Fingers crossed they will, we fall under Dudley CCG. How about you?

When I was diagnosed with PCOS I saw a lovely gynae who specialised in fertility but he is based at Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield so he's out of our area unless we see him privately.

We considered a known donor but it worries me that they will want more to do with the child than we would be comfortable with

Sebs08 · 06/04/2014 19:40

Coventry and rugby for us...

To be honest we don't know anyone who would be willing to be a known donor and don't want to go down the co-parenting route, for the same reason as you really...

We are probably going to go down the privately funded IUI route as it's less invasive and then if that doesn't work we will need to go down the IVF route...

AmieLoveBug · 06/04/2014 19:43

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you guys! :)

twentysomethingnotforlong · 16/04/2014 10:01

Nottingham here Smile

I already have a 7 year old from a previous relationship (I'm bi), but me and my gf would like to either adopt, or go down the sperm donor route. We're still not really sure which would suit us best, so are still researching.

We don't really mix with other gay/lesbian parents, or just gay people generally for that matter. It's certainly not out of choice, but where we live, we do kind of stand out, cos it's quite an old fashioned area and we simply just don't know any other lesbian couples. So we can feel quite isolated.

Would love to meet other couples like us!

mackadoodle · 28/05/2014 21:41

Hey, we are just outside of Lincoln. Similar situation, we know we want to start a family but not quite worked out how yet. We live in a neighbourhood of almost exclusively OAPs (though there are more gays than you'd think, they just hide) so we don't really have any lesbian friends either.

Meandmunch · 01/03/2017 10:41

We are currently in the process of relocating from the south east to Worcestershire and and came across this post as we wondered if there were any rainbow family groups in the West Midlands now. We have met a few same sex families down south and would love to meet others in the midlands too.

cazinge · 27/10/2017 20:53

Appreciate this is a really old thread but I am currently 10w pregnant with our first child, we are a same sex couple who live just north of Worcester. We would love to meet other rainbow families.

dannyv · 02/11/2017 12:25

Hi Cazinge

My name’s Danny and I’m an Assistant Producer at Voltage TV, where we're currently making a new series for BBC Two that will explore baby development! I thought I'd drop you a message as we're looking for families with babies aged 0-24 months, and couples that are expecting the arrival of a baby in early 2018, to take part in our new and exciting show. We're keen to show diversity in family make-up in the series, and as a gay man myself I think it's really important we cast a same sex couple that can wave the flag for the community & reflect modern family dynamics.

Under the supervision of expert scientists, babies will take part in fun demonstrations for this pioneering project, to reveal their amazing abilities and to discover the changes taking place in their brains. Exact filming dates are still TBC but there will be various days from late January-April 2018.

If you're interested in finding out more please feel free to drop me a line, my email is [email protected] many thanks! x

concernedmummy101 · 19/11/2017 21:28

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SA1990 · 19/11/2017 21:30

Wow racist much

user1485725235 · 14/12/2017 14:52

Me and my wife have 6 month old twins, happy to meet other same sex parents. We live in Malvern, Worcestershire.

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