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One in 20 London households worth over £1m

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JanH · 30/08/2004 13:23

Headline in the Guardian today. I know it includes property prices but didn't half make me blink!

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suzywong · 30/08/2004 13:26

Yes but do they have off-road parking? I think not!

JanH · 30/08/2004 13:28

Hi, suzy! How many parking spaces have you got now?

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suzywong · 30/08/2004 13:35

Bloody loads, Mate!!!

I am still giddy with the effects of so much space, it was a long 10 years in London and we only got a Controlled Parking Zone a couple of months before we left so it is an issue close to my heart.

How are you Jan? Did you enjoy the party?

JanH · 30/08/2004 13:38

Oh we are fine thanks, suzy, apart from developing wet rot in our feet. (You have missed the wettest August for 300 years, you must be so pleased!)

Summer Party was fab, there will prob be another next year, if we give you enough notice can you all come too?

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