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Eddie Murphy and Mel B are expecting!!

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AnAngelWithin · 19/10/2006 13:27

Apparently Mel B is pregnant. It will be Eddies EIGHTH child!!!


OP posts:
CaptainCavemansMummy · 19/10/2006 13:32

Am I exceptionally dim - how can the male decide whether it's twins or not???? Does the sperm force the egg to split in 2 thus making id twins?

Certainly don't think men are yet clever enough to force women to produce 2 eggs, lol!

marymillington · 19/10/2006 13:33

Mel B is going out with Eddie Murphy?
How totally bizarre

themoon666 · 19/10/2006 13:35

I always thought Edie Murphy was old enough to be a spice girl's daddy.

LadyTophamHatt · 19/10/2006 13:46

I bet she's thinking "Keerrrrr-ching"

cryptmonkey · 19/10/2006 16:41

I think identical twins can run in either family but fraternal twins only in the Mum's family.

Flamebat · 19/10/2006 17:01

It seems they have been together for about 4 months... and she is about 4 months gone . That's gotta have been a bit of a shock

MrsSpoon · 19/10/2006 17:04

Surely they must have been together more than 4 months? A while back I heard something on the the radio that they were getting married and remember thinking I must ask if anyone on MN knows anything about that, then promptly forgot, this was at least two months ago.

Whizzz · 19/10/2006 17:09

Bet it will be a scary baby with a wicked sense of humour

(must be very odd going out with a guy who sounds like the Donkey out of Shrek )

themoon666 · 21/10/2006 21:38

Heard on breakfast telly yesterday morning that Mel is saying she got pregnant the very first time they slept together.

To echo LadyTH "Keerrrrr-ching"

But... am thinking 'how risky is that.. having unprotected sex on a first date?

FreakyFloss · 21/10/2006 21:49

TM66 - a gay gossip coloumnist was saying the same thing on this morning yesterday. 'why did they not use contraception?' DP was watching properly and said that he said so many libellous things that Phil had to keep digging him out of. She probably got up the duff because there is little interest in her these days. How's that for libellous?

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