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Hiring a cleaner? Tips please on what to get done, and can a friend do it without causing arguments?

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PavlovtheCat · 18/08/2008 21:33

I am contemplating getting a cleaner in for two hours a week, just to help DH and I keep on top of things.

We both work, and its a struggle. I am spending much of my time off in the week (1.5 days, work 32hrs over 3.5 days) cleaning, when I want to be doing stuff with DD.

So I am going to have someone come in for 2 hours on a wed morning when I am at work and DD is at nursery.

My questions are:

  1. A close friend of mine enjoys cleaning, could do with the additional cash, and when we have joked about me getting cleaner in the past, she has always said she would do it for me. How realistic is it to work out?

2. What tasks should I ask for in the two hours? What is realistic for me to expect some-one to do for me? Seeing as he or she cant do it all.
3. What things should I definitely not expect a cleaner to do for me, what would be rude/inappropriate to ask them to do? For example, is ok to get them to put clothes away in our bedroom or is that a no-go? What about putting the rubbish out/hanging washing up/doing washing?
4. What is the going rate for a cleaner, in the southwest?

Thank you
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Melkelton · 30/06/2019 20:58

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JCHOUSE · 14/10/2021 18:44

I am looking to find an efficient housekeeper to help with general cleaning. If you are interested, please send me a message to my email address below and I can give you more details about my property.
[email protected]

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