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FLYBABIES....Day 14 - Take a look at the FLYlady website

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FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 07:55

babystep 14

So, for today :

  • Do your morning routines.
  • 2 minute hotspot
  • 15 minutes somewhere
  • kelly's mission
  • evening routine

    Jas - hope your LO is better soon xx
OP posts:
ludaloo · 07/09/2007 08:07

Morning FGS Thanks for the thread and the summary

Jas hope LO is better soon....hope you get some rest in somewhere too xxx

I'll try very hard to get those done today.

FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 08:39

Hi Luda

OK. so at the risk of talking to myself. I now have the following morning routine...

Make bed
Shower & Dress
Swish & Swipe bathroom (while brushing teeth)
Put a washload in
Empty dishwasher
Have breakfast
Clear away breakfast things
work out what's for dinner (while making cup of tea)
Two minute hotspot
Five minute room rescue

I don't do it in the same order every day and I havent done it all yet today as I now have a poorly DH as well as DD2. off to take DD1 to pre-school in a bit. will check in later.

OP posts:
Jas · 07/09/2007 09:09

Thanks for starting the threads FGS

DDs went to school with a nieghbour, ad I have a drs appt for ds this morning. I'm not great with sick children. Mineare so healthy that I'm just not used to it, and worry excessively about things, then I think I'm not worried enough,then I just lose all perspective....
ds is much better now, but he seemed ok all day yesterday (just a bit of a couh) then he was terrible last night.

If he sleeps this afternoo I will have a lie down, but need o keep busy just now

Washing is on.
washing p done.
I'm going to go and find a nice easy job to do.

blossomsmine · 07/09/2007 10:27

Morning everyone.

Jas sorry your little one is ill hope he gets better soon.

I am popping into work for a couple of hours have more or less done the morning routine, need to put another load on the line and have a quick hoover before i go.
Busy weekend for me out both days from REALLY early in the morning so i won't get anything done then i don't suppose. Need to get all the uniform washed and ironed tonight so that is done at least.

harleyd · 07/09/2007 12:27

hi everyone
hope everybodys kids are startng to feel better. jas hows the toe?
i have done nothing today, i got kids to school and went straight into town shopping.
just home, lunch on the go and then will try to catch up

Jas · 07/09/2007 12:36

My toe is purple, but doesn.t hurt too much now.

ds has croup. Not a surprise after last night. I'm expecting tonight to be bad as well,but at least tonights dinner is sorted (stew already in slow cooker late last night) as per my meal plan

I cleaned my hob, and am now eating cakes and drinking tea.

ludaloo · 07/09/2007 13:18

ooooch jas I do hope your foot recovers quickly , and croup!! oh how horrid...I hope you all manage to get some sleep tonight.

So, for today :

  • Do your morning routines - pretty much did that
  • 2 minute hotspot -have just done one whilst waiting for some rice to boil
  • 15 minutes somewhere - not done yet
  • kelly's mission -not done yet
  • evening routine - not done yet

    The 15 minutes will be in the living room and kitchen....
SlightlyMadSCAREYthing · 07/09/2007 13:37

Hmmm welcome ladies, I knew it I should have quit while I was ahead. DTD1 has been sent home form school today with tummy ache (trapped wind I suspect ). Still doesn't sound as bad as the other sick children round here. Hope they all get better soon.

Right off to do a hotspot (kitchen windowsil and bottom of stairs I think...which actually mkaes 2)
Will then do 15 mins in the conservatory (which I am treating as my zone 1). Does this count as the mission?

winemakesmummyclever · 07/09/2007 13:45

Jas - tea and cakes are a well known folk remedy for sore toes . Hope you and your ds are on the mend soon.

A strange day today - don't feel as though I've got going, but seem to have done things bit by bit:

morning routine done
kitchen & d/stairs loo s&s
washing done & on line
list of jobs for the weekend compiled
emails done

Will do some ironing tonight as we're away next week - that is the only thing I will never conquer - hate the job.
Salad for dinner so not much to do there.

Am off to sort out my study (may be going back to uni in a couple of weeks, so need to get organised & decluttered).

Hope all sick dc's & exhausted mums are feeling better today. Remember, it's nearly the weekend .

FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 14:21

Hi everyone.

((Hugs for all poorly babies))

So, for today :

  • Do your morning routines. Check
  • 2 minute hotspot . Check (done VAT return- been putting off for ages)
  • 15 minutes somewhere. Nope - will do living room tonight.
  • kelly's mission. Check - cleaned piano in dinign room.
  • evening routine. Promise to do.
OP posts:
FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 14:22

Am going to go and do 15 mins now while DDs are both sleeping. If you see me on here before 2.35 tell me to go away

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSCAREYthing · 07/09/2007 14:27

Well since I last posted I have:

hotspotted kitcen windowsil
hotspotted bottom of stairs
put away 3 loads of washing (with poorly DTD1s help)
put a load of washing in machine
washed up
re-cillitbanged my drainer
15mins decluttering conservatory floor - including sweeping
was going to clean conservatory doors but it is wayyyy too hot to spend any more time in there.

I think I have done OK...more productive than an hour on MN, yet I still feel as though I am MNetting in a strange kind of way

FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 14:40

I did my 15 minutes, Miss.

I did well, cleared the dining room table and put away toy glasses, peppa pig, 2 rolls of sellotape, 3 pens, an old newspaper, 2 tea towels and a bib from lunch time. I also cleaned my mirror in the play room and picked up various toys on the play room floor. [smug emoticon]

sms,ludaloo, and wine - very good.

jas, harleyd and blossom, do what you can as work and illness take priority!
OP posts:
BigBearistheBigBear · 07/09/2007 17:18

hi everyone. sorry to hear we yet even more sick children. poor things . mine are both fine at the moment, I won't count on it lasting though...

I've done my morning routine (got myself and kids washed and dressed and hair brushed, breakfast, fed kitty, make up on, DW unloaded and loaded, wash up, sterilize bottles, shine sink, sweep kitchen and dining room and wipe down kichen/dining room surfaces, remove poo from litter tray, read reminders and delete e-mails).

Have spent ages sorting out the DDs' clothes. Our upstairs is in mayhem after swapping rooms with the girls. Nothing fits properly now and there's stuff everyone. We may have to swap back again in fact....DH is in a deep sulk.

BigBearistheBigBear · 07/09/2007 17:19

stuff EVERYWHERE I meant to say!!!

TheMadHouse · 07/09/2007 20:51

Evenng all

I think that there must be something weird going on for us FLYbabies. My DS1 was up from 12 midnight till 5am crying with a really sore head - at least that was what we divined it to be (hard to tell with a two year old). So on last legs today, however, have done:

3 loads of washing
Morning routine
Nightime routine
2 loads of bedding to hang on the line in the morning
loaded the dishwasher
Mowed the front and back lawn
Hot spot - garden toys needed to do this prior to the lawn - you could not see it.

we have also been out to soft play and fingures crossed my two are asleep. So off for a sherry.

PS I have posted a couple of pics of the best looking boys in the north

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing · 07/09/2007 20:52

Oh dear BigBear.....just blame your DH for not measuring properly beforehand

Since I last posted I have...

Done 2 more loads of washing (must go out and get teh second load to put on airer)
Cleaned conservatory doors (patio)
cleaned all downstais dorr frames/handle areas of grubby finger marks.

I am so finding that my philosophy wrt to housework is changing. If I see something that needs picking up and moving to its home I do it there and then....instead of waiting for it to become a hotspot/clutterzone....

FunkyGlassSlipper · 07/09/2007 21:04

Doesnt sound like much fun bigbear

well done madhouse. very cute boys. Their shorts are the same fabric as a dress I bought in hawaii a few years ago. which has reminded me it will definitely not fit now and I should declutter my clothes!

sms - me too wrt housework. I am doing more and more hotspots.

My night time routine
1.Take clean clothes upstairs & put away
2.Load dishwasher & put on
3.Wipe kitchen surfaces and shine sink
4.2 minute hotspot
5.Brush teeth, hair and wash 
6.Get clothes out for tomorrow

I have done 1-4 and so will MN for a bit and then do 5-7.

Night all

OP posts:
BigBearistheBigBear · 07/09/2007 22:07

I said to him you ARE sure our bed will fit nicely in here, and he said yes, yes, yes. GAH!

Goregeous pics madhouse

Jas · 08/09/2007 07:05

Day 15

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