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How to shift black mould in the bathroom?

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hercules1 · 09/08/2007 18:04

Normal cleaners and fungicide dont touch it. IT's not on teh tiles or grouting but on the sealant between the wall/tiles and bath. Not all the way round either just near the shower bit.

DO I have to remove teh whole of teh sealant that goes round the bath or is there some miracle cure. Our plumber refused to do it as he said it was too fiddly to have to remove all the sealant and put down more

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 09/08/2007 18:15

It won't come out of sealant - sorry, herc. You will have to replace (or live with it)

I think you could just replace the affected bit though.

MrsBadger · 09/08/2007 18:23

neat bleach and a toothbrush is worth a go as a last-ditch attempt

roisin · 09/08/2007 18:46

It is a fiddly job to remove the sealant properly - but I think I saw some product in the Lakeland catalogue for doing that task.

roisin · 09/08/2007 19:00

I can't find it though
I think it must not have been Lakeland.

RubySlippers · 09/08/2007 19:02

i hate to say it but Cilit Bang with bleach (think it is the stain and drain one) works a treat

hercules1 · 09/08/2007 21:40

Thanks. I think I'll try the cillit bang with bleach tomorrow. Already cleaned the cooker hood with bleach todady
worked a treat too.

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 09/08/2007 21:55

Good luck - but check this out

hercules1 · 09/08/2007 22:02

Thanks. It is probably been there too long and I have tried various stuff to shift. It's a fairly new house so I'm loathe to do a botch diy job on it but loathe to pay someone iyswim.

OP posts:
Yena · 10/08/2007 12:08

Have you tried Dettol Mould and Mildew remover, you need to spray it directly on the area and leave for a few minutes, if you have little ones, I'll suggest you keep them away, it does have quite a strong smell. afterwards, you just rinse the area. Hope it works for you. G'Luck

margoandjerry · 10/08/2007 12:16

I get this quite often and you can just replace the bit of sealant that's gone black.

It's fiddly but do-able. Pull out what sealant you can and scrape the rest out with the appropriate tool (ie, veg knife from the kitchen). It's a bit of a struggle. You can get sealant guns from B&Q to replace what you've taken out - splurge it in as neatly as you can then smooth with a finger or damp cloth. Oh and when you put the new sealant in, have the bath full of water. Otherwise the sealant will pull because of the weight when you do fill the bath up.

Also, you definitely need to get rid of your plumber!

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