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Can you go to bed on a messy kitchen?

19 replies

emkana · 10/07/2007 20:44

The kitchen could do with a sweep and with wiping of surfaces etc., but it's not in a terrible state. I feel obliged to do this now, but why? Does it really matter if I leave it till tomorrow? I'm all alone as well, not that dh would really care.

Strangely this feeling disappears at the weekend, I quite happily let things go then, but in the week I feel that everything has to be neat and tidy, preferably before I sit down, but tonight that went because of dh being away.

OP posts:
popsycal · 10/07/2007 20:45

I can and occasionally do

moondog · 10/07/2007 20:45


MamaGryffindor · 10/07/2007 20:45

I feel very satisfied when i go to bed having filled the dishwasher etc

Pruners · 10/07/2007 20:46

Message withdrawn

JackieNo · 10/07/2007 20:46

I'm sometimes happy to leave it at night, but always regret it the morning after.

expatinscotland · 10/07/2007 20:46

If I'm drunk, yes.

Kewcumber · 10/07/2007 20:46

If I go to bed on a messy kitchen I feel that my day has not been wasted

KbearBrockovich · 10/07/2007 20:47

Noooo, surfaces must be clean and clear for the morning and dishwasher clean too. (And I'm a lazy moo as a rule).

KbearBrockovich · 10/07/2007 20:47

yes, expat, all standards slip when drunk!

wheresthehamster · 10/07/2007 20:48

Yes, because I know DP will clear it all away when he gets up in the morning

Hattie05 · 10/07/2007 20:48

emkana i don't know whether you work or not, but i have the exact thing about weekends/weekdays. I believe we are all programmed to relax at weekends Both when i am in work and still when i've been on maternity leave i feel i can relax more on a weekend, even though dp often works weekends so realistically speaking it shouldn't make a difference in our house!

In answer to your question no i can't go to bed with a messy kitchen but sometimes i wish i could! My life would be a lot less stressful if i had that sort of ability

uberalice · 10/07/2007 20:48

My problem is that I can't prepare a meal in a messy kitchen, and I get really grumpy if I have to clear up before getting the meal ready. I try to clear up after dinner, but sometimes MN gets in the way and it doesn't happen.

luckylady74 · 10/07/2007 20:49

my first thought was good god noooo! but then saw expat's post and realised that i do all the time when i'm drunk - now where's that wine?

Kewcumber · 10/07/2007 20:49

I leave it for the kitchen fairies who come in at night.

WendyWeber · 10/07/2007 20:49

I do regularly [slattern]

Othersideofthechannel · 10/07/2007 20:49

I cook and DH clears up.
But when he's away I tend to leave clearing up until the morning as I always have plenty of time thanks to DDs early rising. I pile stuff on the surfaces and just make sure the table is clean ready for breakfast.

FlossALump · 10/07/2007 20:50

I tend to find all the washing up gets in the way when I roll over so its not generally the best plan IMO.

bookthief · 10/07/2007 20:51

Nah, it wouldn't Hattie, believe me. My kitchen is often messy at night, and the next morning, and that afternoon and then it's night again. God it's depressing. I feel so much better in the morning if everything's tidy. If not, it just feels overwhelming.

If I never went to bed on a messy kitchen then my life would be a lot less stressful .

PestoMonster · 10/07/2007 20:53

I can't leave the kitchen messy, but I can overlook a crumby floor and leave that until the next day.

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