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easter break: where to go with toddler

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webmum · 07/02/2003 10:37

I'd love to have suggestions from other mumsnetters about somewhere to go during the easter holidays which is not terribly expensive...hotel would be better than self catering but everything will be considered...anything within 4 hours drive of london!!!

thanks in advance

OP posts:
emmaij · 09/02/2003 13:11

i'm a big fan of Bruern Stable Cottages in the Cotswolds. Self catering but you can order food in. i've stayed in some pretty yummy hotels around the world, but this has to be my favorite place to stay. Go during the week when it is cheaper.

rosehip · 10/02/2003 15:17

emmaij. Have to agree, the Bruern Cottages look amazing - I've requested a brochure with a view to a break just before Christmas. Would be interested on any tips. We will be holidaying with our children 7 and 3 and our friends and their daughter aged 3. Just a little worried about any spillages or chocolate smears on the osbourne & little fabrics!! We also like Llandudno for a typical seaside holiday - the St Tudno and Empire Hotels are good. North Yorks coast has some lovely cottages too. You could also try the new Alton Towers Hotel complete with huge water park (opens March), then the Peak District is nearby. Good luck, holidays are so precious you need to do your homework first!

emmaij · 13/02/2003 12:55

rosehip - I do find myself running after my toddler when I'm there, and cleaning up after her in a way that I'd never do at home. Still, the fact that they are willing to accept kids must mean that they're not too stressed about those chocolate smears!

personally, i think Bruern in winter is even better than in summer. My dh spent hours poking the fire, putting more logs on it etc - but we live in London so log fires are a bit of novelty to us.

i love this place - hope you do to. What cottage are you in?

Rhiannon · 13/02/2003 17:22

Center Parcs, they have babysitters for a reasonable price and they'll come during the day or evening, plenty of restaurants so you don't have to self cater.

Rhiannon · 13/02/2003 17:23

Me again, as well as babysitters they have baby clubs for all different ages. It was £8.50 a session last year, don't know what it is now but our 2 were very happy to go in them.

Marina · 14/02/2003 11:55

webmum, have you thought of a youth hostel? Many of them are in places accessible by car or public transport and these days a lot of them have bookable family rooms. We are planning a trip to Scarborough in the Autumn, but (for example) this Easter you could go to Totland or Sandown on the Isle of Wight, or to Alfriston, which is near Drusillas Zoo and other Sussex attractions including Brighton.
Here's the link to their website. They need lots of support, membership is pence and rooms can be had from about £25.00 per night. Family-friendly hostels are clearly highlighted in their guides and some of the newer ones have ensuite facilities.

webmum · 15/02/2003 11:35

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Rhiannon, I had thought of Centerparcs, but I've been put off by mumsnet's guide as many people seemed to have been disappointed by the food.
We enjoy our food a lot, especially since tehre's little else we manage to do with a toddler in tow!!

BUt maybe your experience is different? Which one have you been to?

OP posts:
Rhiannon · 15/02/2003 12:27

Been to Elveden which is closed until July and we're going to Sherwood at Easter.

I see no problem with the food, there are about 5 or more different restaurants plus fast food bars.We enjoyed the Italian and had a fondue one night in the creperie.

The pool is open in the evenings too so you can enjoy the water chutes without the kids in tow.

I find it a great, relaxing weekend. I always pre-book a babysitter and ask for a female and preferably the same one each time. Once when we went, everyday we got someone different.

The creche is lovely, we once put the kids in, had a Sunday breakfast and read the papers for two hours. Bliss.

RagDoll · 15/02/2003 18:27

Elvedon is fantastic, second to that Longleat, then Sherwood - in my opinion that is! Creches and general children facilities are excellent. Personally I wouldnt use babysiting services anywhere these days though.

Scatterbrain · 15/02/2003 19:13

Just been to Longleat for the second time - the food is fine - in fact it's good, I think my main complaint would be that there's only a limited menu in each place and also the service is terribly terribly slow.

Scatterbrain · 15/02/2003 19:14

Forgot to ask - why wouldn't you use babysitters anywhere RagDoll ? We had one at Longleat and she was a lovely lady - grandmother of 3 and really nice, I don't see a problem !

Ems · 17/02/2003 15:20

Bruern cottages in Cotswolds have just e-mailed me some last minute prices for between now and beginning of March; either Mon-Fri breaks or Fri-Mon breaks, great prices, some 40% off.

RagDoll · 18/02/2003 08:22

Re babysiters - as I say its my personal decision so dont want to start a stream of comments off - but I think you cant be too careful these days, even if people are vetted and therefore I would never leave my children with babysiters no matter where I was. You get teachers these days being accused of childabuse etc, you cant avoid it, and I just wouldnt take the risk. I know you can get this with creches but you are not leaving your chiold with one individual then.

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