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anyone been to Gran Canaria (?Maspalomas)? and where......

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Dreams · 18/01/2004 19:00

Hi has anyone been to gran canaria? Maspalomas ? I am looking to got there this year and wanted to know if it is a good choice before i go and book it?

Also does anyone have any good hotels apartments there that they know off? and where is the best place to get the best deals for a holiday.....

Many questions I know but need to be sure....

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emmatmg · 18/01/2004 19:11

I met DH in gran canaria 8.5 yrs ago. We were staying in Playa de Ingles which is just a short distance away from Maspalomas.

I wouldn't recommend for a family holiday as when I went it was pub after pub and tonnes of clubs. I assume it can only have got busier. You're not asking about that though are you

I have to admit I didn't see much of the island as I was only 22 at the time to sight seeing wasn't exactly top of my list for things to do. However DH did hire a car and the photos I've seen from his day trips are amazing.

I really hope to go back one year.

Dreams · 18/01/2004 19:18

NO i dont want to go to playa del ingles it is suppost to be a very lively up and coming town now!
Maspalomas is meant to be a quite family place with miles of beachs i just wondered if this was right? this is the sort of holiday we are looking for just someone to sit in the sun and chill...swim etc.
I have seen a few pictures and it does look great..... Thanks for the advice i will wait and see if anyone comes along with some more........

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sibble · 19/01/2004 18:54

It is about 15 years since I went to maspalomas so it is probably nothing like I remember. It was quite quiet, I remember huge sand dunes of imported sand from teh sahara down to the beach although we spent most of the time around teh pool. It was very gay when we were there, it took my girlfriend and I nearly the whole holiday to suss that people thought we were a couple. there were quite a few gay guys in the apartment who couldn't work out why they didn't see us at any of the clubs of an evening. We had a great time.
Agree i would avoid P del I, a meat market if you are over 19!! and sadly I am.

Dreams · 20/01/2004 13:43

thanks for that sibble yes i will be avoiding playa del ingles ........and sadly i am over 19 too not to far over though!
I have not totally made my mind up on somewhere to go yet.
I am also looking at playa blanca in lanzarote.....and fuetuventura in spain anyone have any experiences of these places?
Mostly interested in beaches nice places to stay for 2 adults and a child who will then be 21 months.
Also want some nice places to go and eat just a nice relaxed family holiday really.
Any advice on any of these places ?

OP posts:
emmatmg · 20/01/2004 13:56

I went to Fuert. years ago and it was beautiful, probably changed quite abit in that time and IMO was much nicher for a family holiday than gran canaria.

sibble · 21/01/2004 00:24

agree, Fuertaventura and lanzarote are much more relaxed and family orientated than Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Fuertaventura being the quietest of them all.

myalias · 21/01/2004 17:26

I went to Maspalomas about 10 years ago and I found it dullsville. Remember the sand dunes and not much else. Spent most of the time in Playa de Ingles and was an avid clubber then, it would definitely be my idea of hell now. I can highly recommend Playa Blanca in Lanzarote, stayed there this time last year. We stayed at the family friendly Paradise Island complex. It was all inclusive and the food was delicious. There are 3 swimming pools one of which is a seperate childrens swimming pool.
There is lots of sports facilities including a gym, tennis and volleyball courts.
The evening entertainment is great for children a mini disco early evening and cabaret later on. The rest of the island is very nice. The town has a few restaurants - very child friendly.

SpringChicken · 23/01/2004 11:14

Haven't been to Gran Canaria before but DP has and says it is lovely - however, the one and only reason i will not go is because of cockroaches - i know you get them everywhere in the canaries but even my DP said there were thousands! ! !

Fuertaventura - went there a few years ago - think we stayed in Coralejo (Somewhere like that), it was only a short drive from the airpiort - beach was lovely, we were situated at the top of a hill so was OK on way to beach but a pain in the arse on the way back - V. quiet when i went but have changed slightly.

Tenerife - been here 4 times - we usually stay in Playa De Las Americas but right on the edge of Los Christianos so we aren't stick infront of veronica's or anything - Los Christianos is much quieter, bit more expensive but has some wonderful restaurants - would definitely recommend this over Las Americas. Both only short distance from airport.

Lanzarote - haven't been before - we are off for first time in March - staying in Costa Tequise - only short distance from Airport - will let you know waht it's like when we get back - although all report of Costa Teguise so far have been great

Sorry if this isn't much help!

Dreams · 23/01/2004 12:30

Thanks springchicken Gran Canaria is now totally out of the question not been enough satisfied people for my liking. I like the sound of lanzarote so would love to know howq you get on there!
I have been to tenerife (los Cristianos) many many times from whne i was a toddler till about the age of 12 It was like a second home to me my Dad Was a proffessional golfer and he used to have many many tourdaments out there so went there about 10 times a year.
I remember it being quite quiet but a very lovely place.... If i remember rightly the beaches were not very nice out there? Black sand etc!
But i would def go back there just for all the good memorys as i lost my dad 9 yrs ago now !

OP posts:
SpringChicken · 23/01/2004 12:52

Ahh Dreams - that is so sad! !

Yes, they do have black sand - i much prefer golden sand although not sure many of the canary islands have golden sand - memory not overly good!

Will let you know how i get on in costa tequise - apartments are called Playa Bastian if your interested - look really nice and the reviews of Costa Teguise as a resort are great!

Dreams · 23/01/2004 13:23

springchicken i will go have a look on the net where you are staying i take it you have children going with you ? how old are they? I only have one boy who is 16 months so looking for a good location that is child friendly.

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