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Do I need to pay full fare for ds on Easyjet?

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tracyk · 06/03/2006 08:52

Flying from London to Glasgow in a couple of weeks. ds will be 25 mo - website says children under 2 and under 14 - will I have to pay for ds?

OP posts:

SenoraPostrophe · 06/03/2006 08:54



Hulababy · 06/03/2006 08:54

You will have to pay the children's rate. Mind you, IME, on these flights it is the same as the adult price.


jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 06/03/2006 08:54

i would be inclined to put him through as 23 months - after all as it is a domestic flight, you wont need any form of ID for him


jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 06/03/2006 08:55

under 2's a free but will need to sit on your lap


SenoraPostrophe · 06/03/2006 08:55

you can't lie about his age - you have to show photo id remember.


jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 06/03/2006 08:56

not for a london to glasgow flight you dont.... its adult ID only


tracyk · 06/03/2006 08:58

I thought he needed to show his passport? is it only international then - not domestic?

OP posts:

Hulababy · 06/03/2006 08:59

If they ask you for his age and lie, and then get found it, you may very well be not allowed to travel at all.


katzg · 06/03/2006 09:01

it for your childs safety that they say 2 years


SenoraPostrophe · 06/03/2006 09:02

yes, well they say that, but squirmy ds is safer on my lap still than in a seat!

I didn't know it was adult photo id only.


jac34 · 06/03/2006 09:10

When we flew from Cardiff to Edinbough we had to show photo ID for us and the boys.


tracyk · 06/03/2006 11:24

It says on their web site that children under 2 don't need ID - just the accompanying adult - so bugger it - have just booked 1 seat plus child. ds wouldn't sit on his own seat anyway.

OP posts:

LIZS · 06/03/2006 11:28

yes, full fare. If they catch you out you'll have to stump up whatever the fare is on the day which could prove very expensive.


Aero · 06/03/2006 11:55

Yes - full fare with Easyjet I'm afraid and they do ask for photo ID. We fly with them regularly and have always been asked for passports (or acceptable photo ID) for all of us including ds2 who has only just turned two, so we'll have to fork out for him now every time we visit my parents! Pants! I really wouldn't risk lying about his age - you could end up stuck at the airport having to pay much more for his seat on the day than you will if you're booking honestly now.


jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 06/03/2006 11:57

Easy Jet have NEVER asked for photo ID with me and Jess..... even when dad took her to scotland last year, they didnt ask him either/.


Aero · 06/03/2006 12:01

Wonder if it's because we're travelling from London then, or perhaps to N Ireland, but that is part of UK and no more requires a passport than travelling to Scotland. Still wouldn't risk it though.

When are you going Tracyk - I'm heading up to Glasgow too in a couple of weeks from London.


tracyk · 06/03/2006 12:28

We are relocating back up on the 3rd April. How long are you up for Aero?

OP posts:

Hausfrau · 06/03/2006 12:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aero · 06/03/2006 12:33

Just for the week-end to visit another mner (Sammac). Going 24th March.


tissy · 06/03/2006 12:54

\link{\look here}. Scroll down to section 13. It says that children under 16 who are travelling on UK and French domestic flights can travel without photo ID. We travelled Glasgow- Stansted this year with dd who is 4 and didn't require ID for her. So you can travel without ID for a child. Whether you should lie about your child's age to avoid paying for a seat is a question that your conscience will have to deal with Smile.


Aero · 06/03/2006 13:43

Fingers crossed they won't challenge you - we must look dodgy! Smile


ernest · 06/03/2006 14:01

bloody hell, your braver than me. anyway, if the child is over 2 the rules say that they have to sit in their own seat for take off, landing & any time the 'seat belt' sign is lit, you don't just pay for a seat & possibly not use it, you're obliged to.


nulnulcat · 06/03/2006 15:03

ex cabin crew and i can clarify you have to pay for a seat for children over 2 and they will challenge you over the age, it is safer for a child to be in there own seat than on your knee anyway. there are good reasons for these rules and when i flew it used to really annoy me when parents wouldnt follow them


nulnulcat · 06/03/2006 15:04

if you did get past check in there is the chance you could get kicked off the plane


SwimmingUpHillThroughCustard · 06/03/2006 15:44

just back from palma and we had to get passport for dd (2 years 10 months) and pay full price for a seat for her on flight

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