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Cranial Osteopathy

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Spoo · 24/05/2005 20:55

Has anyone been to a cranial osteopathist (is that right?) for either themselves or for their baby? If so - did it work? How much did you pay? I was thinking about going for myself - as I have felt 'out of alignment' for since the birth of my 16 week old DS and maybe for DS also - as he had quite a traumatic birth - (stuck in birth canal and forceps delivery) and sometimes cries for no reason. Any comments would be appreciated.

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starlover · 24/05/2005 21:21

yes, it was fantastic. I used to suffer terribly from migraines, but after going i didn't have one for 2 years!

now see a regular osteopath who sorted my back out after the birth, and ds has also seen her.

I think prices vary but are probably around £25 a session or thereabouts... not sure though because my osteopath is my best friend's aunt so i don't pay!

spod · 24/05/2005 21:29

Message deleted

tiddlypom · 24/05/2005 21:55

Yes it's great do it. There was a thread about this about four weeks ago if you want to do a search.

Bellie · 24/05/2005 22:01

Yes do it! DD had really bad colic and was an incredibly fussy eater on the bottle until I went with her. Also went for myself as was having lots of pain in my c-section scar and they disappeared. I paid a bit more than mentioned here - 30 a session 26 for dd but in my opinion worth every penny

evansmummy · 24/05/2005 22:06

Definitely go for it! My ds was horribly unsettled until we took him for three treatments. He was like a new baby afterwards - happy, contented, feeding and sleeping better. I'm another convert!! Careful though, mine was £35-40

Spoo · 24/05/2005 22:31

Thank you for all your comments. I have found a Cranial Os. near me and will be ringing her tomorrow. I will ask if she specialises in Babies and Post Natal. I am so excited about it. DS has never slept through the night - maybe this will help him. Will let you all know what happens.
Thanks again

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Spoo · 25/05/2005 18:17

I have booked myself and DS in for a initial assessment. Not until June 13th - Wish me luck - I am soo excited.

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cod · 25/05/2005 18:19

Message withdrawn

starlover · 25/05/2005 21:13

good luck spoo, and i hope it does the trick!

Spoo · 04/07/2005 10:36

Just thought I'd let you know. I have been to the osteopath with DS and myself. It was quite expensive as he needed three treatments and I needed five. I am not sure how it works but I feel a whole lot better and DS is sleeping much better now. Thanks for all your advice.

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