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V Thrush

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LemonyCricket · 03/05/2005 11:18

Could someone tell me if i can get rid of this just with Natural Yoghurt. Will my husband be storing it too? The cause for me was taking antibiotics i believe. Is it common, because when i looked for info on the internet it said it was a sign of having weak immunity. I just thought it was one of those female things. Please help i feel so uncomfortable and have a pta meeting later. Thankyou.

OP posts:
starlover · 03/05/2005 11:21

natural yoghurt can help, but it'll be much quicker and easier if you get a proper thrush treatment. You can get canestan from the pharmacy, you don't have to see your gp

starlover · 03/05/2005 11:21

and yes, it's very common!
if you have had sex without using a condom then yes, it can be transferred to your husband

chipmonkey · 03/05/2005 11:46

Canesten Duo is very good, there's a pessary for the inside and a cream for the outside which your dh should use too. Natural yoghurt is great but very messy and hard to apply!

Enid · 03/05/2005 11:49

my dr says that it is a myth that you can 'catch' thrush as we all have the fungus living naturally in our bodies - it just gets more prolific after antibiotics/stress/tight clothes.

perfumed bubble baths irritate me (grrr) and also make sure you are, erm, well lubricated before sex sorry if TMI

anyway, canesten duo is brill - my dr prescribed 6 lots for me for the price of one prescription, pharmacist was annoyed

chipmonkey · 03/05/2005 13:50

Enid, trying to work out for weeks what TMI means!.What is it?

starlover · 03/05/2005 13:50

too much information!

chipmonkey · 03/05/2005 13:51

Ah! Too Much Information! Just got it!

chipmonkey · 03/05/2005 13:51

Crossed posts starlover! thanks anyway!!

mears · 03/05/2005 13:52

Actimel (or similar) taken daily will help you fight thrush. Yogurt needs to be Bio (live)

Enid · 03/05/2005 13:58

ooh I didnt know that mears, but I have been drinking actimel and haven't had it for ages

chipmonkey · 04/05/2005 12:00

Aha! I have been drinking actimel (nearly said aptamil!) as well and dh just commented the other day on how I haven't had a bout of thrush in ages either! Never made the connection, thanks Mears!

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