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Which formula milk less likely to cause constipation?

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Distracted · 04/11/2004 14:30

My ds at just 3.5 weeks old is suffering constipation since changing to bottle feeding at 2 weeks.

My HV said it could just be something that runs in the family (I'm v. prone and so is dd, who is 2.5 but she never had it as a baby only since being a toddler). Alternatively it could be a reaction to switching from breast to bottle, in which case I'm hoping it may stop, but not showing signs yet.

I'm feeding SMA Gold as I used it before with dd and also because it's one of the formulas nearest to breast milk. However, I wondered if another formula milk may be less likely to cause constipation?

What have other people found with formula milk and constipation? Thought if I started a thread and enough people replied I may be able to identify a trend with particular formulas to make it worth trying a swap?

Thanks in advance.

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Yorkiegirl · 04/11/2004 14:32

Message withdrawn

dawnie1 · 04/11/2004 14:33

My dd couldn't tolerate SMA Gold at all and she was a bit sickey on other formulas apart from Aptamil First - its great, I think its the best one. Also she did get constipation but the HV told me to overdilute it,i.e only use 3/4 scoop per ounce of water not a full one and then the constipation stopped immediately. Hope that helps

sievehead · 04/11/2004 14:34

We used the Milupa one (think it was called Aptamil) - didn't have major constipation problems but think in general babies do get more constipated on formula . Was advised to give cooled boiled water between feeds to alleviate problem, I'm sure someone will clarify whether or not this is correct. Midwife aunty of mine said if it got really bad you can add a little brown sugar to the boiled water! Never got bad enough for me to try it though.

Bozza · 04/11/2004 14:35

Used Cow and Gate with DS - it constipated him when put onto mixed feeding at 3 months and again when I stopped breast feeding at 6 months. Decided to use it again with DD at 5 months (again mixed feeding but I'd started weaning her), thought she was getting constipated so stepped in quickly with a single cube of prunes and now we have the other problem. Sorry not much help.

SIL switched to SMA Gold at the same time and had had the same problem and was told by her HV to give 1 oz of cooled, boiled water a day.

lyndap · 04/11/2004 15:03

I used omneo comfort when I made the switch from breast to bottle and my dd seemed very happy on it. It's slightly thicker than average formula so you might need to check the size of the teat but it's gentle on babies' digestions.
BTW, I was about to buy SMA Gold as they use it in the hospitals but was advised that it wasn't the "best" brand to use just because the hospitals promoted it (cos they got it cheap???)

RudyDudy · 04/11/2004 15:06

My DS had constipation problems with SMA Gold. We switched to Aptamil First and had instant results (if that's not TMI). My understanding is that formula is harder for babies to digest and so constipation is not uncommon. However, Aptamil contains probiotics (friendly bacteria) which helps to maintain good gut health and so help with bowel movements.


catgirl · 04/11/2004 15:29

I THINK I remember being told that if you use a liquid formula it helps constipation, but no need to use for every feed (cost rather than anything else), so might be worth trying the SMA Gold liquid first before swapping?

Distracted · 05/11/2004 17:10

Thanks very much for all the advice. Looks like Aptamil might be the best bet to swap to overall. I do remember reading when I had my dd (which may be out of date now) that Aptamil and SMA Gold were the 2 formulas nearest to breast milk and I think Aptamil was slightly better.

I was told to give 1 oz of boiled water twice a day and have tried this by the way, but it really upsets him! He does eventually drink it but every time I give it to him he drinks a few sucks and then screams when he realises it's not milk - if I offer it enough times then he eventually drinks an ounce, but it really unsettles him often until the next feed! So not too keen on keeping on doing this and hasn't made any difference. TBH I don't think extra fluid will help that much - he has really very wet nappies, so he's pretty well hydrated, it's just that not enough of the fluid is going into his poo I suppose (if that makes sense)!

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