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Daily Invention Test (Masterchef Stylie)

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JontyDoggle37 · 09/07/2016 14:41

I'm on a mission in the next two weeks to use up everything in the freezer so I can finally defrost it.πŸ™„ I only bought bare essentials this week, to force myself to use things up. I'm cooking for myself, DH DD (1). I do packed lunches for DH and fresh cooked lunches for myself and DS every day. Thought I might make the tricky task a bit more fun by doing a kind of food diary of it on here, with pics of what I come up with. Anyone else up for some inventiveness?

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cdtaylornats · 09/07/2016 14:43

I sometimes do an invention test, or as I like to call it "too lazy to go shopping".

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 09/07/2016 14:50

yes...we call that Freezer Bingo. :o

NapQueen · 09/07/2016 14:51

Mine is "what can I put with rice?"

JontyDoggle37 · 09/07/2016 15:50

I've just found a massive ball of frozen marzipan! What on earth am I going to do with that?!?!
Lol at Freezer Bingo πŸ˜‚

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Sprintingforthefinnish · 09/07/2016 17:39
JontyDoggle37 · 09/07/2016 19:14

Ooh thank you - no peaches here, but lots of raspberries, maybe I could substitute?
Dinner was just for DS and I as DH out, so we had pasta with bacon, mushroom, onion, black pepper, chilli and a soft cheese 'sauce'. (My one year old DS is a chilli/curry freak, probably because I ate loads through pregnancy Grin).
Dessert was banana 'ice cream', basically froZen banana blended with a little whole milk - every time DS doesn't finish his banana I Bing the rest in the freezer and then make banana ice cream with it - I have quite a banana glut in there at the moment!

Daily Invention Test (Masterchef Stylie)
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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 09/07/2016 19:23

I invented dinner tonight. We had baked sweet potatoes, and then I made a kind of Caribbean-esque vegetable dish to go with it - onions, peppers, garlic, sweetcorn, kidney beans, chilli, thyme, jerk seasoning and coconut milk. It was really lovely - will definitely make it again.

JontyDoggle37 · 09/07/2016 20:15

Remus I've got sweet potato, kidney beans and coconut milk in the cupboard, I can give that a go this week (although it won't reduce the freezer by much lol)

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elephantoverthehill · 09/07/2016 20:21

I just google 3 ingredients I have, you used to be able to do it on the BBC website, invariably a recipe pops up. There were ingredients left over from a school thing yesterday - spinach, cream cheese and spring onions, I made a really lovely pasta recipe from google with those.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 09/07/2016 20:25

Frozen sweetcorn maybe?
In fact, I imagine that any frozen vege would be fine in it.

JontyDoggle37 · 10/07/2016 08:08

Morning. Plan for today is as follows: - using up fish fingers for DS lunch, with frozen peas and making fresh Minestrone soup with carrots, frozen peas, celery, pasta etc for DH and I. Then we've got in-laws and an Aunt round for dinner, so Using up some frozen chicken, some chicken stock I made and froze and a chicken sauce base as well in a chicken and leek shortcrust pie, and using up a Pannetone we were given for Christmas and fresh raspberries from the garden to make a raspberry and white chocolate bread and butter pudding. Lots of cooking to do today!

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