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Fish Fairy really did come!!

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Dolanette · 15/11/2010 14:02

When our two fish died, I said to DC, fish fairy had come and brought them to children who had no fish!!

Now it's happened!! Wink Our last remaining fish has disappeared! A black Moor. He's nowhere to be seen in tank. If he was dead wouldn't he float!! Would a fish bury/dig himself into pebbles!!

I'm going to wait till DH gets home and do proper investigation!! It's weird.

DH, MIL and I are only adults in house. DC would have done anything to him.

Weird! We have a cat, but she's never in house and even if she got in, the tank was covered!

Anyone experience this? Confused

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EauRouge · 15/11/2010 14:05

Are there any gaps at all that he could have jumped through? Dead fish don't always float, he could be wedged in the tank somewhere, behind the filter maybe? What happened to him? :(

Dolanette · 15/11/2010 21:24

DH emptying tank now to see was he in pebbles Sad If he isn't, I haven't a clue what happened. He didn't jump out as we'd have found him Sad

OP posts:
Dolanette · 15/11/2010 21:36

We found him Sad
Warning to other fish owners. He had swam up into the hollow mermaid ornament,and got stuck and stressed out Sad

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