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Changing to copper coil after being on pill 15 years

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mangosandlime · 09/07/2016 15:01

If you did the same did you notice a difference?

Are you glad you changed?

Did you end up going back to the pill for any reason?

I have booked my appointment but having second thoughts as scared based on some things I've read and thinking of cancelling

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mangosandlime · 09/07/2016 21:32


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Hippee · 09/07/2016 21:37

I've had a copper coil since having children and I don't like it. It has made my periods much heavier than before and I am now slightly anaemic. Just trying to find the time to go back to the doctor and discuss alternatives. I am sure it works fine for other people though.

ReturnoftheWhack · 09/07/2016 21:48

Same as above, very heavy periods - trying some acid tablets to minimise the bleeding but then I end up feeling bloated. Don't know what else to try, hate hormones.

HarlettOScara · 09/07/2016 21:48

I had a terrible time with the copper coil. I've always had very normal periods until I he the coul fitted. I expected them to get heavier st first but was told they would settle down. Mine did the opposite they got heavier and heavier and longer and longer until I was bleeding for 3 weeks out of 4, one week break and it would start all over again. On bad days, I'd soak through a super plus tampon in 20 minutes. I persevered for 18 months, always hoping that it would improve and when I finally went to my doctor and asked for it to be removed, she was horrified that I'd put up with it for so long.

I went back on the pill which I wasn't keen to do but it's definitely the lesser of the evils for me.

Polkadot1974 · 12/07/2016 19:58

Loved mine but had mid cycle bleeding to had to part with it. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend giving it a go

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