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Family planning

Female sterilisation question

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QuietNinjaTardis · 15/05/2015 17:46

I've just received my letter to tell me the date for the op and I have a wedding the next day. Will I be alright to go? I'm staying at the hotel that the wedding is at so can sneak off to bed early if I get tired but how sore am I likely to be and how much bleeding can I expect? Anything else I can expect afterwards? Thanks in advance.

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QuietNinjaTardis · 15/05/2015 18:33


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QuietNinjaTardis · 15/05/2015 20:12


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FayKorgasm · 21/05/2015 00:34

In my experience you won't feel up to a wedding the day after. I needed at least a week of resting.

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