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Scared of mirena removal

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VerySmallSqueak · 10/10/2012 09:10

I was absolutely convinced that the mirena coil was the best thing since sliced bread - but having now put a few symptoms I've been going through together (finding it really hard to control appetite and weight,feeling very foggy,and started to feel a bit low) I have realised I really want it OUT.

But I am very very nervous about what to expect.

I was put under pressure to have it fitted and wasn't really that keen,so I know I'll probably some pressure to keep it in for one thing.

Also,they could not actually fit it under normal conditions - it was horrible.Very painful - I nearly fainted etc.In the end I had it fitted under anaesthetic during another procedure.So now I'm very concerned about its removal and I need a bit of advice and hand holding to get me to make an appointment.

I don't want to keep it as I don't want these symptoms which I now feel surer and surer are linked,but I am scared to hell of having it removed.

Any encouragement or advice gratefully received.

OP posts:
mrsfuzzy · 10/10/2012 10:45

i read your post and thought omg i know exactly what youre saying, i had mine fitted after six caesarians, it was done about 2 years after my last baby under a general in hospital. they told me it was the best as the womb was so damaged, i thought oh well okay and got on with life, problem is it was meant to be taken out three years ago! i've not had any problems but it has to be removed and i've been putting it off all this time, but reading your post has got me thinking, so like me i think you should seize the moment and chat to your gp and explain how you feel its your body after all, if the doc isnt helpful speak to another member in the practice or go to a well woman clinic for advice, i have to do this for my health and you can do it too, be strong, pick up the phone, good luck!

mrsfuzzy · 10/10/2012 11:00

verysmallsqueak, i've made that call thanks to you and got my doc apt i'm going to do this. i hope you will too, please don't beat yourself up if you can't face it yet, but, think how much better you will feel when its done, hang in there!

WeAreSix · 10/10/2012 11:06

My coil was very painful going in. Agony fir a few hours after then it was fine for a couple of years. I had it taken out because it was giving me symptoms very similar to my endometriosis.

The removal was fine. I laid on the bed, all ready and asked the doctor when she was going to do it - it was already out and I hadn't felt a thing!

Hope it goes well.

VerySmallSqueak · 10/10/2012 13:52

mrsfuzzy I'm glad you've made your appointment.Hope it all goes well.

WeAreSix that makes me feel much reassured,so thank you.

I am assuming that they have to arrange for you to have it removed if thats what you want.

OP posts:
mrsfuzzy · 10/10/2012 14:26

my coil is having to be gone in hospital under gen as it's abit probmatic due to the lenght of time but you would probably get it done on apt at your docs surgery, treat it like a smear, not very pleasent but at least with the coil its only coming out once. you'll be fine and thanks for your support it means a lot.

VerySmallSqueak · 10/10/2012 14:53

I've made a call to discuss this with my GP tomorrow.
Very nervous about it - about having to explain myself.
Will speak to her about it all,but I think my mind is made up.

We can both get this done mrsfuzzy.

OP posts:
mrsfuzzy · 10/10/2012 18:56

honey, i,m sending you a virtual hug and a bunch of flowers, i'm really happy you are taking the plunge, you will be fine and a female gp may reassure you more, i couldn't get the gp apt until oct 23rd but i'm going to do this, you are right, very small squeak, we will both do this! thanks for your help and support.

HRH008 · 16/10/2012 13:32

I was just about to post about this! I have just arranged to have mine out next week ... it was driving me crazy. I have had ridiculous mood swings each month, feeling really low and crabby. Also totally foggy. Basically I´d rather have the heavy bleeding each month and at least feel like myself than turning into this miserable hormonal cow every 4 weeks.

I also had a similar problems when the gynae put it in. I had scarring from an old CIN3 biopsy and he had to poke and prod about to insert it. Not looking forward to it being taken out.

I am in Germany and on private insurance, so I just called the surgery and arranged for the appointment. However, I was fully expecting them to say that I HAD to keep it in for a minimum time and I had my arguments ready Grin. Squeak, if there´s anything I can do to hold your hand whilst you talk to the GP ... it sounds as though you were a bit bullied when they put it in. Dont think about the call being about discussing IF they should take it out ... rather HOW and WHEN they should.<br /> <br /> Good luck <strong>Squeak</strong> and <strong>mrsfuzzy</strong> ... well soon be mirena free!

And then what? Any ideas???

mrsfuzzy · 16/10/2012 14:09

heck, i'm really nervous about this about apt to see the gp, i nkow its got to go but its the whole hospital bit because its embedded and can't be done at the sugery, i,m sorry that you ladies are going through simlilar feelings but at the risk of being selfish, its good to know that you understand what its like, lets get this done by the way squeak are you okay haven't heard from you on this thread recently, post if you can/want when you can eh?

Nagoo · 16/10/2012 14:24

I had mine put in under a G&A too. It's a lot harder to get it positioned right that to get it out IME.

I had my copper coil removed, I went to the clinic at the hospital. The woman really knew waht she was doing and it was far more comfortable than smears at the GP surgery. Took seconds.

I am so going back there for my next smear.

Good luck x

VerySmallSqueak · 16/10/2012 14:32

Seems several of us have faced or are facing a similar thing.Thanks for asking after me mrsfuzzy.I hope you are ok too - try not to think about it till the time comes.
I have an appointment now in a few days.I actually didn't face any opposition - so it shows that sometimes when you take the bull by the horns its not as bad as you might have expected. I'm hoping it'll be unproblematic removing it,and I'm thinking positively!
Nagoo that's encouraging!
HRH008 I think celibacy seems the easiest option Grin.I'm certainly not going near anything involving hormones again!

OP posts:
mrsfuzzy · 16/10/2012 14:34

its good that you have had a positive experiene with its removal, perhaps that will give squeak and others encouragement ,hey we ought to hold a' i'm mirena free ' party on here once we are all done and dusted!

VerySmallSqueak · 24/10/2012 16:28

Just to update for those who have been lovely enough to post about this.

I am now coil-free.Yippee!

So relieved,and I can honestly sat it truly was no big deal having it removed.
No pain -if there was any discomfort it was only for a second,more a peculiar sensation than anything else.

Just want to encourage anyone who perhaps feels like me and may be worried.

mrsfuzzy I wish you all the best for when you have yours removed.I know it's not as straightforward for you,but all I can say is that I hope you have the sense of relief that I did,and if so that'll make it worth it in the end.


OP posts:
MissedOne · 21/01/2013 21:14

I had mine out last week following several months of steady bleeding - less painful/uncomfortable than a smear but I have been bleeding heavily since. I've also been passing clots like cocktail sausages!! Can this be normal?

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