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Bleeding with mirena and upper back pain

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babyinarms · 16/06/2012 22:53

I had the mirena coil fitted 7 weeks ago.
Since then I have had 3 periods and a lot of spotting inbetween them, only had a few days really with no bleeding or spotting.Periods are a lot lighter than before but go on for much longer,
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if it settles?
Must go back for 6 week check soon....which is obviously overdueBlush.
I also have upper back pain, which seems muscular, but started the day after I had mirena fitted and still persisting. went back to GP at 2 weeks with this and she felt it was just muscular and gave me some anti inflammatories which I took for 2 weeks , I have had some improvement but its still there and causing alot of discomfort. Again just wondering if anyone has experienced anythinglike this and felt it was related to the coil, maybe a hormonal side efferct or something??

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susiedaisy · 16/06/2012 22:57

If it were me I'd have it removed, leave it a while and have another one fitted, the gp will probably try to encourage you to persevere as they cost the Nhs around £100 each, i have a mirena and experienced spotting and cramping after having it fitted and then random spotting for around six months after, but then it settled down a treat.

Claire2009 · 16/06/2012 23:02

I had mine put in in Jan this year, I cramped (worse than ever) for 3-4 days, spotted for 2-3wks and then nothing, within the last 2wks I've had more spotting and what seemed like a period with cramping again (usually irregular periods and very little pain). I never had my 6wk check, I was just advised to see if I could feel the ends! I haven't bothered as all seems fine and this is my 2nd.
I would give it a little while longer, they usuallly say 3-6mths for it to settle down, my first once was only in 5mths as I had a bartholin cyst 2wks after it was put in and it kinda put me off!

babyinarms · 16/06/2012 23:30

Thanks a million for repies susie and claire. Hoping I wont have to have it removed cos it cost me 250 euro to have it fitted. 130 to buy it and 120 to have it fitted by GP (living in Ireland). Only resorted to it cos having no luck with the pill....between headaches, dizziness and nausea....if this doesnt work will have to consider sending DH off for the snip , but again that costs a fortune here and we really are low in funds at the mo!
Will persevere a little longer , think the back ache is getting me down more than anything and not even sure if that is related to coil!!!Although it does seem a bit coincidental to flare up the day after having it fitted!

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Claire2009 · 16/06/2012 23:52

Could you have a kidney infection? Do you usually get backache during menstration time?

babyinarms · 17/06/2012 20:55

Not usually claire but will get doc to check for kidney infection when i go for check up. I think pain is too high up for that but worth ruling out! Very bad pain today and very stiff with it!! Not sure what it could be really. Thinking of going to see a physio to see if i can get some answers.

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