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We're on the list!

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humpbackwhale · 10/09/2017 01:58

Me and DH are officially on the list for a donor egg. I have ovarian failure and premature menopause after having chemo and a stem cell transplant for leukaemia in 2014/15.

We haven't been told much about the process yet and we're not sure what to expect so just looking for some advice and support really. I am 28 and my DH is almost 35. DH has got an appointment to have his spermys analysed to check we're not barking up the wrong tree.

We're both feeling really excited but I don't want to get my hopes up too much because I don't know how successful it's likely to be or how many shots at it we will get. We've been told that the waiting list is 18 months to 2 years. Does this seem true to your experiences if you have been through the process? Any words of wisdom?


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Cutesbabasmummy · 11/09/2017 10:12

Hi. yes that's the average for a wait in the UK. Are you being treated on the NHS? If so stick with it! If not consider going abroad. We had a clinic in the UK but they at the time were partnered with IVI Alicante in Spain. There is no wait for a donor egg in Spain. So we had all our drugs and scans here, DH and I flew over for him to provide a sample and then we flew back again for the FET. First time it failed but the second time worked and we have a yummy 31 month old little boy. Advice is don't stress too much (easily said)! The night before our second transfer I had a massive sangria and a double g and T! Good luck xxx

RoseJames · 13/09/2017 17:45

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humpbackwhale · 15/09/2017 23:04

Thanks so much for your reply! Yes we are going through the NHS in the first instance. I had done a little research and heard many recommendations for Spain also. So pleased that it has worked out for you! Congratulations.

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