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What age does a man accept he probably won't have children?

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UrbaneFox · 15/09/2015 15:09

I realise that the men here are Dads so it's not something they'd know personally, but talking amongst friends perhaps, is there an approximate age at which a man will accept that finding a woman young enough to have his children is probably not going to happen.

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Fairenuff · 22/09/2015 18:54

Your posts might be green for your but for us, only your OP is highlighted. Maybe you weren't aware of that?

winchester1 · 22/09/2015 19:13

My oh was 40 when we met and generally dated older women so had given up on kids. We do now have some now but it took a few yrs for him to come around to the idea. He didn't have any from a previous relationship.

His friend is mid 50's would have liked kids but dates women older than him and realised around 40 it wasn't going to happen.

So based on my very small selection 40 seems to be the cut off age.

TheUrbaneFox · 22/09/2015 20:28

Thanks winchester. I think some men are realists, some are optimists. Some will move heaven and earth to MAKE it happen, others are passive and will wait for it to happen.

TheUrbaneFox · 22/09/2015 20:30

So, it is a question of how long is a piece of string, but anyway, that's for all the helpful comments. I felt I needed to think it out loud.

@fairenuff, I use mumsnet my own way. Having been outed once, my priority is protecting my anonymity.

30somethingm · 23/09/2015 00:18

I would be personally worried if someone has to "come round to the idea" when the idea is as big a deal as having a child!

NoArmaniNoPunani · 23/09/2015 06:05

I use mumsnet my own way. Having been outed once, my priority is protecting my anonymity

Giving away all your name changes in one thread makes you less safe not more. It also makes your posts impossible to follow as only the first one is highlighted.

DiamondoInTheSky · 23/09/2015 06:23

as from the same email address the posts all green. No!

They are all green only for you.

For everybody else, only posts made in the name of the original OP are highlighted.

TheUrbaneFox · 23/09/2015 09:51

I name change a lot so it means if somebody did spot me they would only see the previous few weeks posts if that many.

I really don't need to defend the way I use mumsnet. They haven't reprimanded me. EVER. So don't try and moderate me. Thank you.

If it were possible to delete old posts, I wouldn't be so frequent a name changer.

Time for a new name change now.

DiamondoInTheSky · 23/09/2015 11:00

Don't worry, you're probably not half as important as you think you are Wink

TheFuzz · 23/09/2015 19:21

No way would I want young kids to be arriving after 40. Nope. Got two and now impossible for more as I've been 'done'.

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