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My exhibition opened last night and I want to brag about how hard I have worked

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Enid · 30/06/2005 12:37

I have been working on this art project for MONTHS (I am not an artist btw but I run a community art charity). I thought of the idea, raised the money, got sponsors, applied for and won two different grants for it, chose the artists, ran the project and this week I have hung and curated the exhibition AND done all the press releases.

And last night was the private view and I got really, really drunk at home afterwards and now I have a hangover

But there are PEOPLE walking around MY exhibition at the moment and I am very very proud of myself

Thats it really.

OP posts:
suzywong · 30/06/2005 12:40

pat yourself on the back and drop up a link so we can see please

bettys · 30/06/2005 12:40

Well done! Does it have a website so we can see? What kind of artists are they?

yoyo · 30/06/2005 12:41

Congratulations! It sounds as though it was a lot of work but worth it. Did any of the pieces sell?

ninah · 30/06/2005 12:41

yeah - link!

WideWebWitch · 30/06/2005 12:42

Oh well done enid!

Enid · 30/06/2005 12:45

it doesnt have a website

it was the one thing I just couldnt manage to get done.

The idea was to put 8 artists in 'unexpected places' around our local town for a weekend. So you would come across them working in places like Somerfields, the museum, the Tourist Info centre, the park etc. They worked on public view for three days then went away to finish their pieces (that had to be in some way influenced by the place they were in). This weekend there is an exhibition of their work back in the gallery for people to come and see what they produced.

It is called Get Out Of The House and the artists are contemporary painters and sculptors.

OP posts:
Enid · 30/06/2005 12:46

and yes we sold two pieces at the private view and I am going to buy another one myself

OP posts:
ninah · 30/06/2005 12:47

sounds great idea
describe your fav piece?

yoyo · 30/06/2005 12:47


suzywong · 30/06/2005 12:47

Sounds like a great idea, what was your favourite piece?

sorry didn't mean to show you up, I know Darrzet doesn't have the interweb yet

that doesn't make sense if you're on here.......?

Blu · 30/06/2005 12:47

Wow - excellent.
Sounds fab!

wilbur · 30/06/2005 12:48

That sounds brilliant Enid - I love that kind of thing. Well done for organising it!

Enid · 30/06/2005 12:50

My favourite piece is a huge willow sculpture of a giant insect that an artist called Stefan Jennings made while he was working outside the Abbey.

I am buying a mixed media painting - quite abstract, muted tones, with birds in it (inspired by the Sherborne Missal - v v old book - original in British Library but facsimile is in our local museum) and by very talented young artist called Alice Crane.

OP posts:
Enid · 30/06/2005 12:51

I know the shaming thing is that I could have done a website if I had spent less time on here . hey ho.

OP posts:
ninah · 30/06/2005 12:51

fantastic, and great that you will have a lasting memory of the occasion with your Crane

binkie · 30/06/2005 12:54

Well done!! When does it run till?
Perhaps you should put some details on the Days Out Recommendations??

Marina · 30/06/2005 12:55

Congratulations Enid, the stuff you've described sounds lovely.
Suzy, considering your current place of residence I think taking a pop at Dorset is not wise

Enid · 30/06/2005 12:56

Well if you are in Sherborne, Dorset this weekend it is here

OP posts:
suzywong · 30/06/2005 12:57

Hey this is a state capital even though there is no Sunday trading, and I grew up in Dorset!

Willow sculpture sounds very groovy

Hausfrau · 30/06/2005 13:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

anorak · 30/06/2005 13:03

Congrats enid you're heading for the big time!

soapbox · 30/06/2005 13:04

Well done!!

It sounds hard work but great fun

Here's a virtual pat on the back for you [pat pat]

RTKangaMummy · 30/06/2005 13:06


Enid · 30/06/2005 13:10

I will try and put a pic of the willow sculpture on the member profiles thingy

OP posts:
bettys · 30/06/2005 13:24

Great concept Enid - will have to go Google the artists now!
Sherborne House looks like a fascinating place to work.

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