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Grandparents looking after grandkids

31 replies

greywoollyjumper · 13/03/2020 06:19

My DD's GPs look after her one day a week - one has asthma, the other diabetes. DD doesn't show any symptoms at all but goes to nursery 3 days a week and I'm worried she could at some stage be a carrier without us realising, given that the symptoms are meant to be minimal for young children. I mentioned this to GPs yesterday and they were upset at the thought of not seeing her indefinitely. They are adopting a BAU approach but it would be awful if their beloved GD infected them given they're in a higher risk group. WWYD?

OP posts:

Teateaandmoretea · 13/03/2020 08:52

I really think chucking 'selfish' around at anyone who has a different mindset is grossly small minded and unfair. But it is the approach that many seem to have to the whole thing.

Mental health is also important, my dad is widowed and leaving him in his house unable to go out would in itself probably kill him.


middleager · 13/03/2020 08:57

Tea all of us could pass this on, of course. Therefore, we must all adapt our behaviour for society as a whole.

But FIL looking at bargain breaks and not thinking about others is really not responsible.


Alsohuman · 13/03/2020 09:08

@middleager, why is your Fil being irresponsible? He’s in a high risk group and is taking a decision which affects his own health. Given that the virus is weakened by heat and sunshine, it may well be a very sensible thing to do.


thenightsky · 13/03/2020 09:09

I've just had a text off my friend asking if I will meet her for lunch today at a big popular pub. She's got a chronic lung condition and asthma. She ends up in ICU every winter with an infection of some sort. I've got a cough and sore throat so I've texted back a no. Now she's being arsey and saying I'm paranoid, she's not going to let it spoil her social life and she's still planning to get on a plane to kephalonia in a fortnight. Should I go for lunch with her? She sounds really cross with me Sad


Ladyinamask · 13/03/2020 09:09

I only have my mum left and she is 70 with Asthma. I am keeping away as i dont want to be responsible for killing her. Im front line NHS so high risk and as DH is currently working from home he is doing the school runs and childcare. Its not worth the risk


thenightsky · 13/03/2020 09:17

Damn. I meant to post on the general CV thread. Sorry.

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