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Bike for nervous 5 year old

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LittleLego · 14/11/2021 21:22

I'm looking for suggestions for a bike for 5 year old DC who is not very confident with gross motor skills.

She had a balance bike at 3 then well meaning grandad bought her a "traditional" bike a few months later with stabilisers, she won't go back to the balance bike but the other is too heavy and clunky that it's denting her confidence as she struggles to push the pedals. Looking for something to last a few years with stabilisers that can be removed.

Budget max £150, any experts can offer advice or recommendations?

OP posts:
Newdad19 · 14/11/2021 21:30

We had a similar issue and bought this bike from Halfords. It was one of the lightest we could find for the price (a lot of the others we had been recommended were £300+).

Our DS took it home and was literally riding it without stabilisers in an hour and hasn't looked back.

I think they had a black one which we got slightly cheaper about £140

Chattercino · 14/11/2021 21:41

As pp says Carrera from Halfords are great little bikes

Fabuleuse · 14/11/2021 22:03

We've had a Carrera Cosmos, which is one of the lightest reasonably priced bikes brand new, and then moved onto a second hand Islabike from Gumtree that I think was £180. There is a thriving market in second hand kids' bikes.

Mangoandbroccoli · 14/11/2021 22:22

Really recommend Isla (or slightly cheaper Frog bikes, which I think was set up by former Isla employee). Very lightweight frame makes a huge difference to little ones being able to use it and my 4 year old was able to use this without stabilisers. They're really well made so thoroughly recommend a second hand one which you might be able to find in almost new condition. Possibly more expensive at this time of year but worth trying eBay and marketplace.

ElephantOfRisk · 14/11/2021 22:55

This might be a good idea?

wateraddict · 14/11/2021 23:01

Hi, I totally recommend and Islabike as mentioned above, you can get them second hand easily on eBay and there are a few Facebook groups too. You may be able to get the size you need in your budget. They are lightweight and perfectly proportioned. The website shows you how to measure your child to get the perfect size for them

Equimum · 14/11/2021 23:25

Definitely either Frog or Isla. They are expensive, even secondhand, but you'll make most of your money back, and they really are perfect for getting reluctant riders going.

LittleLego · 15/11/2021 16:33

Thank you all so much, we can stretch the budget a little if needed but I was worried about paying £££ and it not getting used. I'll check these out, no problems with buying second hand either, I doubt she would notice

OP posts:
ElephantOfRisk · 15/11/2021 16:50

That's why I thought renting might be an option in the short term OP, you get a smaller fit for her to get going on and then move up to a bigger size or cancel renting and you have an idea about how much she uses it and what size to buy. They rent Frog and Isla bikes and other decent lightweight bikes.

I haven't tried it, but I would if given my time again with two growing boys. They are adults now so need for me anymore

Fabuleuse · 15/11/2021 19:58

As people said if you're worried about the cost, Frog and Islabikes are easy to sell on because of the name - they go for loads secondhand and the cost of buying them new is rising, so I think in the long run they are likely to be cheaper than buying a cheap bike that's harder to sell on. The Beinn 20L now costs £500 new! Once my two have finished with ours, as long as they've not wrecked it, I'm sure I can flog it for almost as much as I paid secondhand (possibly could get more than I paid but I'd feel bad doing that!).

HereLiesBetelgeuse · 15/11/2021 20:44

Frog bike definitely. So light and easy to handle.
We bought x2 new when the kids were small then sold them on and bought second hand ones in the next size up with the money and repeated about 4 or 5 times. They've grown out the frogs now, I still have one to sell on atm. The other was sold and bought a second hand bmx with £450 rrp

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