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Which teeth come through first?

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lauraloola · 22/09/2008 13:44

Hi, dd is 3 months old and is in the middle of her 1st cold. At first I didnt think it had anything to do with teeth as I now have her cold but have just read on here that lo's can get a cold when teething.

I have just looked in her mouth and there is a small lump on her gum at the left of the front of her mouth. I was just wondering if this is defo a tooth as I thought the front ones came through first?

She is happily munching on a teether at the mo. As well as her cold she had a very runny nappy this morning which is unlike her.

Any tips on how to make it more comfortable for her would also be appreciated x

OP posts:
RedHead81 · 22/09/2008 16:34

its usually the bottom front 2 that come through first, but not always, some babies do cross-cut their teeth and have the side ones come through first instead. they can have colds, sore bottoms, chesty coughs etc... but again, not always, and some dont have any symptoms at all. it could be a tooth that is coming through - but i have been fooled on many occasions when little bumps appear on gums and then disappear again within a few days.

for teething, a cool gel teether can be good when given straight from the fridge or warmed in a little warm pre boiled water. also, i found ashton and parsons powders were very good for tummy upsets when teething, but you will have to check the age because i can't remember if the age is from 6mths. and clove oil is better than teething gels - it completely numbs the gums.

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