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pre-school Childrens book about death!

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lisa1968 · 29/11/2009 10:38

Hi all.I work as a Registered Childminder and care for a 4 year old boy, David.In the past few weeks he has suffered the death of 2 people very close to him-Matthew was 22 and died of cancer and Mattehews gran died 5 weeks later.These people were so close to David that they were like family and he is really struggling to deal with it-I think any adult would struggle so I can't imagine what is going through Davids mind.He hasn't spoken to me about either death but seems to have a lot of anger inside him.Both his parents and myself have told him that its ok to talk about it etc but don't feel we are getting very far!
I'd really like to get him a book that deals with this type of thing-he's only 4 and not at school yet, but is a bright little boy.I've looked at Goodbye Mog which deals with the death of a cat but I'd like something that deals with the death of a person and maybe includes stuff about heaven and Angels.Bit of a tall order I know but has anyone any ideas?
Many thanksx

OP posts:
MrsKitty · 29/11/2009 10:47

Doesn't deal directly but "No Matter What" by Debi Gliori touches on the subject.

Small fox & Large fox talking about love before bed -

"But what about when you're dead & gone, will you love me then? Does Love go on?

Large held small tight as they looked up into the night, at the moon in the sky and the stars shining bright

Look at the stars how they [...can't remember this bit] but some of those stars died a long time ago... still they shine in the [...] night, Love, like starlight never dies.

biscuitbear · 30/11/2009 16:56

Badgers Parting Gift by Susan Varley is something of a classic for this subject. It is available on Amazon.

No Matter What brings a little tear to my eye...

piscesmoon · 30/11/2009 17:16

You might find a website like Winston's Wishes helpful-I have linked the page with advice for parents and carers. I had to tackle the difficult subject with my DS when he was even younger. It is very important to let him talk about it. If you go to the children's section in the library you might find suitable books-ask the librarian.

mimsum · 30/11/2009 22:50

Always and Forever is the best book for children about death that I've ever come across - it's really sensitively written, but not at all mawkish and the illustrations are beautiful

It's ostensibly about animals, but even very small children can understand it's really about people.

I'm normally fairly unsentimental, but I can't read it without welling up - it is exceptionally moving

JaneiteMightBite · 30/11/2009 22:52

Michael Rosen's book about the death of his son is lovely - but I doubt it mentions angels; can't remember though, sorry.

lisa1968 · 03/12/2009 10:37

Hello again.Thank you all so much for your help-I'v actually got 'No matter what'so will use that to read to him myself.The other books that have been recommended by you are now on order and i will pass a couple of them on to Davids family as well as keeping a couple myself.

OP posts:
joannam16 · 03/06/2013 19:01

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daisycat01 · 03/06/2013 19:09

I would second badgers parting gift. If your lucky your local library or children's centre may have the story sack version which has activities that compliment the book ...

Nicknamegrief · 03/06/2013 19:16

Goodbye Mog?

SnowWoman · 03/06/2013 19:22

Granpa by John Burningham might be helpful, or Rabbityness by Jo Empson could be worth a look.

I think Oliver Jeffers' The Heart in the bottle might touch on this too, but it's a while since I've read it.

Periwinkle007 · 03/06/2013 20:12

yep Badger's parting gift would be my recommendation too - we plan to use it when grandad has to go into a home for his dementia as well

schmalex · 06/06/2013 06:27

Gilbert the Great isn't specifically about death but looks at losing someone in a sensitive way. And it's about sharks!
I think the Michael Rosen one is his Sad Book.

CreatureRetorts · 06/06/2013 06:29

You might want to think about getting your op changed to remove the names?

stroppyauthor · 09/06/2013 15:11

Duck, Death and the Tulip - but it's unsentimental and certainly doesn't do angels and heaven. Might be worth a look, though. Michael Rosen's Sad Book, too.

comeonbishbosh · 10/06/2013 22:39

Paper dolls by Julia Donaldson is not about death as such, but evocatively looks at how memories can be treasured even when something/someone us irrevocatively lost.

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