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HellsB · 27/07/2009 17:47

Hi all!

I'm soon going to be heading off to France with my 9 and 10 year old son and daughter, and i've been looking for ways to get them excited about the trip. Whilst picking out a travel guide, I suddenly realised that there are no travel guides actually FOR kids, and this could be the perfect way to get children involved in a holiday which they think will be 'boring'!

I've always been a keen writer, so I thought I might have a go at putting together my own guide, but really I need to see what people think about this idea! Is it good? Am I being silly?! It would be great for my children, but what about your kids? I've put together a quick questionnaire - it's only 10 short questions - so if anyone fancies offering their own ideas or point of view it would be brilliant if you filled it in. Click here!


Helen x

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OtterInaSkoda · 28/07/2009 11:37


EachPeachPearMum · 28/07/2009 11:51

Um- there was an usborne book- france and french- guide to france with pictures of stuff children can spot, and simple phrases... my dd has it.

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