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Join in for children's book recommendations.

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please suggest some new books for my nearly 3 year old ds

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deaconblue · 15/02/2009 19:55

we've got all the Julia Donaldson, Jez Alborough type books and he loves them but I think he's ready for slightly longer stories. Loves Topsy and Tim too. My mind is blank as the next stage of books seems to be basic chapter books like The Owl who was afraid of the dark and I think they are a bit too long. Some recommendations would be much appreciated.
Was wondering about some good fable/ classic stories too - he has the enormous turnip and the three little pigs but some other suggestions would be useful.

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deaconblue · 15/02/2009 19:57

just spotted on amazon the read it yourself level 1 books. He's not learning to read yet but are these good to listen to or a bit dull (as I guess the stories are very pared down)?

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Littlefish · 15/02/2009 19:58

Owl Babies
My cat likes to hide in boxes
Dr Seuss books
Poem books by Michael Rosen
Hairy MacLary series

Littlefish · 15/02/2009 19:59

I would think that the level 1 read it yourself books are really really dull. There is no story, and very basic vocab.

You want lots of rhyming books like the Hairy McLary or Dr Seuss ones.

deaconblue · 15/02/2009 20:02

ah we have Hairy McClary, Dr Seuss, Owl Babies and Handa's Surprise (which is the loveliest book). Will look at some Michael Rosen. The only poetry book we have is Julia Donaldson's wriggle and roar which he enjoys.

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rookiemater · 15/02/2009 20:05

DS loves his Harry and the Dinosaur books. I bought the entire set very cheaply through The Book People online.

They are also not too horrendous as an adult to read on a frequent basis ( provided you throw yourself into the dinosaur "RAHS" and we are always finding new things in the illustrations.

deaconblue · 15/02/2009 20:07

ds loves Harry too. Has anyone got any Quentin Blake books, they look good.

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Takver · 16/02/2009 12:19

Perhaps what you need is slightly longer picture books - things like Shirley Hughes' Alfie stories (which my dd loved at that age), Tales from Trotter Street and similar.
Also the Large family books by Jill Murphy, again a proper story but still a picture book IYSWIM.

pollywobbledoodle · 16/02/2009 12:37

have a mooch on book people/red house site in the 3-5 age books. let him have a pootle round the library and see what takes his fancy?
dd loved/s dr seuss, alfie books, the dinosaur romp, giraffes can't dance, annuals like thomas, bob and angelina ballerina with stories that are still shortish but with more words, noddy books......

Takver · 16/02/2009 13:13

Quentin Blake has some lovely books - Mrs Armitage on Wheels and the other Mrs A books would be about right for a 3 yr old I would think, Arabel's Raven perhaps more for an older 3 - 4 yr old (and upwards - dd enjoys them to read to herself)

mrsturnip · 16/02/2009 19:37

Agree about Harry and his dinosaurs.
Also all the Charlie and Lola although you might already have those. My boys have all liked the thomas box set (yawn yawn yawn- really long and dull)- usually on book people for an el cheapo price. But really boring to read!

For fable/classic story books I always go to barefoot books. They're not cheap but they're beautiful and divided into age ranges.

ComeWhineWithMe · 16/02/2009 19:42

The jolly postman .

My dd is really into one atm I think it is called The animal bop will double check in a minute when I go upstairs.

She also likes who's on the loo and Floras blanket/Floras house.

Scarletibis · 16/02/2009 20:49

Old Bear books by Jane Hissey,

Percy the Park Keeper, Q Pootle 5.

Mick Inkpen's books.

dd2 loves Sir Charlie Stinkysocks at the moment (I think they're a bit irritating tho)

deaconblue · 17/02/2009 11:28

percy is already a firm favourite as is Sir Charlie Stinky socks - I skim read him though I must admit as I too find Sir Charlie irritating. Will look for some Old Bear, I remember my niece loving those. Have ordered a Quentin Blake, some favourite tales (Goldilocks, Magic Porridge pot etc) and a Michael Rosen collection from Amazon so thanks everyone for ideas. Sounds like a lot of the books he's already got are in the age 3 range anyway.

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ilovespinach · 17/02/2009 11:31

My ds likes the Little Red Train series, the Thomas books and the Ladybird read it yourself series....Oh and Ricard Scary's Day at the Airport and You Choose are also a big hit.

I'm dying to read The Gruffalo etc to him but he won't let me - he just closes the book says finished now and hands me bloody Gordan to read

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