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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

books to encourage nearly 7 year old ds to read by himself?

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elliott · 29/09/2008 21:31

because I think it is high time he started to!
I think he could cope with short chapter books, but am struggling to find things he will willingly read himself. Just bought a Beast Quest which he is enjoying, but keeps asking me to read to him rather than do it himself. He CAN manage it, but obviously its much harder work by himself and some words catch him out.
Any other ideas? He is reasonably typically into boys stuff, with a leanings towards outdoor adventures/animals. I would prefer something more thoughtful than lavatorial (hate horrid henry, and found the Beast Quest a rather suspectly sexist...)

OP posts:
seeker · 29/09/2008 22:35

Read to him. All too soon he won't want you to. Enjoy it while you can!

But get him Cressida Cowell's Dragon books. They are what started ds on his reading career. He is currently reading Stephen Gerrard's autobiography - the most turgid tome known to man!

jennifersofia · 29/09/2008 22:37

Another vote for the Beano - got my dd reading on her own 6/7 yrs old. We had some old annuals (used to belong to dh!) lying around and she kept wanting to figure them out!

MrsWeasley · 29/09/2008 22:42

My DS aged 7 only reads story books if he has to! But he loves these and is often found reading one.

stealthsquiggle · 29/09/2008 22:48

Asterix, definitely. DS reads well but only under instruction IYSWIM (i.e. school reading). DH introduced him to Asterix books a couple of weeks ago and suddenly he will sit and read one on his own for an hour - and now he has started choosing to read other things. Inspite of being very tired he chose to read his whole school library book at a sitting this evening.

notthebubblyseaweed · 30/09/2008 00:40

Another vote for Captain Underpants and the lure of the comic.

Small boys are simple. Never under/over estimate them.

Best advice I can offer!

Small girls, another story.

christywhisty · 30/09/2008 09:20

DS 13 has only just started reading novels. He only ever read things like Captain Underpants and Horrible Science Magazines. Top Gear as he got older but he listened to a lot of story tapes from the library.
A tutor tested his reading (a reading experience test) and although it looked like he didn't read he was actually about a year ahead.

His teachers in Year 7 all commented on how well read he was and how much he must read and couldn't believe it when I said he hardly ever read.
I think parents get too hung up on their child reading novels, it's not something that can be pushed and a child will only do read if they really enjoy it.

This summer he has suddenly become a bookworm and now will actually go to bed early to read They do get there eventually

Majeika · 30/09/2008 09:35

magic treehouse is fab!

peanutbutterkid · 30/09/2008 09:41

Boys Rule.
moving onto
Astrosaurs, Horrid Henry
moving onto
Captain Underpants (& most of what else mentioned here). That includes Jeremy Strong, Spy dogs (various series), pet rodents who go on adventures with child (various series).

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