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not books but looking for a monthly magazine for 5 year old dd

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Iris100 · 01/05/2008 14:16

My ds has a subscription to National Geographic kids - a present from Grandma. She wants to do someting similar for dd but am racking my brains to try and think of something suitable.

She is not particularly girly, loves animals, in reception but a very good reader. Any ideas anyone?

OP posts:
marina · 01/05/2008 14:19

All About Animals with the proviso that we have not read this ourselves...looks good and the BBC is normally reliable

Iris100 · 01/05/2008 14:31

She's had that before I think Marina and it didn't seem to have much content at all - mostly picture of cute wittle wabbits.

OP posts:
marina · 01/05/2008 14:38

Oh, that's a shame
She is too young at five for Aquila, I think (very worthy independent publication "for bright children aged 7 and up")

Lazycow · 01/05/2008 14:47

I think five now have a magazine aimed at 2-6 year olds. See here: ativeASIN=B000I0RKX2

Lazycow · 01/05/2008 14:50

She may prefer the older highlights one if she reads very well - also shown on the same link.

FrogPrincess · 01/05/2008 14:50

French mags in english at Bayard, really good quality stuff: here

Lazycow · 01/05/2008 14:52

Sorry- just realised you can only get the highlights on in the US

marymoocow · 02/05/2008 10:45

wow, that Aquila looks fantastic. Think I might be investing in that one for my 2 older dc. Only trouble is I think they might fight over who does the puzzles

singersgirl · 02/05/2008 11:03

DS2, aged 6, likes the NG Kids and also likes DK Findout, which is full of and info about science/history/animals etc.

DS1 (9) didn't take to Aquila, apart from the jokes and puzzles - it's a bit too worthy for him. DS2 might like it later.

ChipButty · 02/05/2008 11:14

Anorak magazine is good - I have it for my 6 year old DS.

Iris100 · 02/05/2008 13:32

Thanks I'll have a look at those.

OP posts:
MargaretMountford · 02/05/2008 13:45

what about the RSPB wildlife one which comes with membership of RSPB (child m,embership) - ds has the Bird Life one - for over eights- which he likes very much..details here

Iris100 · 02/05/2008 13:58

oooh Margaret I adore your cocked eyebrow.

That's a good idea - maybe RSPCA does something similar (she's not that into birds...)

OP posts:
MargaretMountford · 02/05/2008 14:12

ha !
Yes, I bet there's an RSPCA version - the bird ones have other wildlife in them too

Bink · 02/05/2008 18:21

First News is very accessible - meant to be for 7-14, but you could enjoy it younger. Dd (now 7.5) has been appropriating ds's copies for a year or more now, and for the prime reason of the lavish spreads of "Animal News" [bless emoticon]

(Though it didn't stop her writing a Dear Editor letter off her own bat to slightly patronisingly congratulate them on a good job & suggest that they put in as much more as they can find.)

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