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Classic books for 11yr old

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HypodeemicNerdle · 04/11/2015 19:01

Can anyone recommend some classic books for an 11yr old please.
My DD's teacher has suggested she expands her reading material but I'm not sure where to start, the only book he suggested was treasure island which DD has already read.
She's a huge hunger games fan and is mature enough to understand it. She's asked to read the twilight saga too but I've said no to that for now!
Any suggestions would be great, thanks

OP posts:
Sadik · 04/11/2015 20:12

She's probably read some/all of these but what about:

Anne of Green Gables + sequels
Rosemary Sutcliff - Eagle of the Ninth plus sequels, and lots of others
Philip Pullman Northern Lights series
Little Women
Flambards (debatably a classic, but DD brought it home from school in yr6 in a puffin classics version!)
Alice in Wonderland / through the Looking Glass
The Hunting of the Snark
Black Beauty
Watership Down

spankhurst · 04/11/2015 20:19

A Traveller in Time, Alison Uttley.
The Children of the New Forest
The Dark is Rising, Susan Cooper
The Sherlock Holmes stories
Jane Austen?

Leeds2 · 04/11/2015 20:59

Street Child - Berlie Doherty
Family From One End Street - Eve Garnett
Tom Sawyer
The Hobbit
A Christmas Carol
Peter Pan

BlueChampagne · 05/11/2015 13:09

The Children of Green Knowe
The Box of Delights
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Cider with Rosie
Gerald Durrell

BlueChampagne · 05/11/2015 13:10

Philippa Pearce
Kevin Crossley-Holland's Arthur trilogy

BlueChampagne · 05/11/2015 13:44

A Wizard of Earthsea

momb · 05/11/2015 14:00

Am I the only adult in the world who finds Dystopian novels generally unsuitable for younger kids? I found the Hunger Games really really disturbing. Other films involving dystopian future or emergency situation with protagonists killing each other to survive:

Lord of the Flies
Animal Farm
Brave New World (hounded to suicide rather than murder per se)

Things which might be more suitable:
To Kill a Mockingird
What Katie Did/What Katie Did Next
Percy Jackson
The Greek Myths

Have you looked at the Mallory Blackman Noughts and Crosses stories? I wouldn't give them to my 11YO because of the kidnapper/ee relations in one of them but certainly less graphic that Hunger Games.

momb · 05/11/2015 15:03

Just thought: John Wyndham. I loved them at that age and they cover quite mature/thought provoking themes. Chocky, Trouble with Lichen etc.

mrsmortis · 05/11/2015 16:21

The little house books
Little Women
The dark is rising
A wrinkle in time and it's sequels
Sophie's World

On a more adult level, how about some Asimov (I, Robot is probably a good place to start)?
Anything by Tolkien or CSLewis's science fiction series (though I can't remember enough to know for sure the Perlanda is safe so you'd want to check)

BlueChampagne · 06/11/2015 20:47

Jules Verne

HypodeemicNerdle · 06/11/2015 21:30

Brilliant, thank you all, lots of suggestions that she's not read yet (and a fair few I haven't either!). We're going to have an excellent winter reading our way through that lot.

I must admit momb that I did wonder about hunger games for her, she genuinely loves the series though and I suspect the deeper aspects fly right over her head at the moment

OP posts:
Greenleave · 06/11/2015 21:34

We are giving our daughter a special birthday present this year, all the below hardcover books, you might like one of the below:

A wrinkle in time
The complete my naughty little sister
The complete chronicle of Narnia
All Lord of the ring
All The Hunger Games
The Hobbit
Charlotte's Web
The complete the Worst Witch
Tom's midnight garden
Pippi Longstocking
Alice Adventure inWonderland
To kill a mocking bird
The Wizard of Oz
The Jungle book
The complete works of William Shakespear
The little woman
The complete Sherlockhome
Jane Austin
The little Prince
4 Charles Dicken books
3 Mark Twain books(including the adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Adventure of Tom Sawyer
Peter Pan
The Wind in the Willow
The little mermaid
The complete of Grimm's
The Chrismast Carol
The curious incident of the dog
The Eagle of the Ninth
War Horse

Wirralmumof2 · 06/11/2015 21:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SorrelForbes · 06/11/2015 21:43

A Little Princess
Charlotte Sometimes
Ballet Shoes
Curtain Up
The Painted Garden
The Silver Crown
The Whispering Knights
A Stitch in Time

hels71 · 07/11/2015 21:30

At 11 I loved John Wyndham, The Poirot books and the James Herriot vet books,..not sure they count as classics though..
Would second the suggestion of Charlotte Sometimes. It's a fantastic book.

Toffeelatteplease · 07/11/2015 21:36

Love alice in Wonderland, Peter pan, secret garden

The little princess
Little Lord fauntleroy

schmalex · 08/11/2015 13:24

As well as looking at 'the classics', you could also look at recent award-winning books.
e.g. recent Carnegie winners here:

Frances Hardinge, Sally Gardner, Sally Nicholls, Frank Cottrell Boyce are all fantastic.

mrsmortis · 09/11/2015 13:24

Oh and if she likes the Hunger Games I'd suggest Ender's Game by Scott Orson Card. It's probably not a classic (yet) but it's very good and very thought provoking.

DieRosen · 09/11/2015 14:14

Charlotte Sometimes - wonderful book
Ballet Shoes is also a classic now, and well deserving of the term.

keely79 · 09/11/2015 14:23

The Silver Sword - Ian Seraillier
Willard Price adventure series
The Wee Free Men (and sequels) - Terry Pratchett
Box of Delights - John Masefield
Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders series -

keely79 · 09/11/2015 14:24

Oh- also the Lorna Hill Sadler's Wells books

Albaalba · 09/11/2015 19:19

Eva Ibbotson (some have older themes than others).

stobes · 09/11/2015 20:13

Yes to Frances Hardinge

My 11 year old also enjoyed the Knife of Never Letting Go trilogy(Patrick Ness) on the back of The Hunger Games

Jane Eyre

Father Christmas bought War and Peace for her as a bit of a joke but she went for it..not sure how much she actually got out of it but she appeared to read it

SunnyPath · 09/11/2015 21:41

My 11 year old and I have adored The Ranger's Apprentice series by John Flanagan. Hardly anyone has ever heard of them but they are brilliant. Great adventure stories that progress through more than 12 books, wonderful characters, plus occasional humour that genuinely makes you snort with laughter.

mandalee · 10/11/2015 07:48

++ to Dark is Rising, Wrinkle in Time, Watership Down, Ender's Game (tho it's Orson Scott Card, just in case you can't find it on Amazon the other way round!)

Knife of Never Letting Go was an amazing series. Anne McCaffrey is brilliant, as is Philip Pullman. And Lord of the Flies is not a silly suggestion - my 11-y-o read it (and did a book report on it - think his teacher was a bit Shock), it led to some very interesting conversations around the house.

Happy reading! I'm jealous - wish I could read all the above again for the first time!

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