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Wonder - are DS 8 & DD7 too young?

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PeasandCucumbers · 17/03/2013 10:42

Just that really. I am thinking about it being the next book I read to them but am not sure if they are a bit young yet. We could / would talk about it as we go so I could explain elements if necessary.


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PeasandCucumbers · 23/03/2013 13:09


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madamehooch · 23/03/2013 17:30

Wonder is a fantastic book but I would say is best left until they are slightly older so that they can fully appreciate it (possibly until Year 5). Wouldn't it spoil the flow of the book if you had to keep stop and explaining everything to them as you went along? In addition, reading age wise, it is quite accessible, so, again, would be a good book for you to encourage them to read themselves in a year or so.

Kazooblue · 24/03/2013 14:46

My boys are in year 4 (9)and loved it.

I'd leave it until they can read it to themselves.It really is good and one best appreciated reading it to yourself imvho.

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