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Join in for children's book recommendations.

Children's books

Recommendations for 3.2yo DS

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dietcokesholidaysarecoming · 10/12/2010 23:23

Im going to recommend some books for my DS as a christmas present.

Please can anyone recommend some bed time books that arent too long please!

OP posts:
Joolyjoolyjoo · 10/12/2010 23:26

My 3yo ds likes things like "Dinosaurs love underpants" and pretty much all the Julia Donaldson ones ( he joins in). There is also "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" and the Mog books. Or Dr Suess?

Depends what he is into- my ds is hugely into dinosaurs, and I think I have bought him every dino book that exists for Christmas, as I am sooo sick of the old ones!

stickersarecurrency · 10/12/2010 23:27

Class Two at the Zoo, The Gruffalo, The Ravenous Beast, Hold On Tight Stripey Horse ... um, there's one about a monster and a little stone rabbit but it's desperately sad ... oh, Farmer Duck's popular here.

MrsKitty · 10/12/2010 23:29

These have been some of DS's (3.10) favourites for the past year or so

Julia Donaldson - Gruffalo / Gruffalos Child / Zog / Snail & the Whale / Stickman etc.

Harry Horse - Little Rabbit Lost, Anything for You,

Debi Gliori - No Matter What

Will try to think of some more later...

dietcokesholidaysarecoming · 10/12/2010 23:30

Yep we have Dinosaurs love underpants, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Gruffalo

No mog books - well we have the vet one somewhere unread.

What is Dr suess like?

My DS basically loves Legos. His favourite book is how do dinosaurs say goodnight.

Bored of Thomas, Fireman sam et al.

Which Mick Inkpen would you recommend if any? (we have the kipper series)

OP posts:
Joolyjoolyjoo · 10/12/2010 23:34

Dr Seuss is either love it or hate it! I loved it as a child (I remember "the Cat in the hat" was the first book I ever got from the library) and although some of the books are very silly, my kids always liked the rhymes. My favourite is "Green Eggs and Ham"

But a lot of my friends hate them, so I guess you'd have to try them and see

stickersarecurrency · 10/12/2010 23:37

Ooh Scarface Claw is much loved here, lends itself well to being chanted/roared by enthusiastic small people.

dietcokesholidaysarecoming · 11/12/2010 13:26

Lots of great ideas. Plus books dont take up too much room.

OP posts:
Indith · 11/12/2010 13:35

Lots of the ones mentioned here are much loved by my dcs. We also adore the Oliver Jeffers books, this is a lovely little box with 3 of them in.

Takver · 11/12/2010 20:19

We had a Mick Inkpen collection when dd was that age, fantastic stories, it included amongst others Billy's Beetle, Lullabyhullabaloo, Nothing. Actually, looking on Amazon I think it was this collection. I'd definitely recommend it, I liked the stories too :)

Also would recommend Jez Alborough if you don't have them - Duck in a Truck and lots of others.

mylifewithmangers · 11/12/2010 20:24

Favourites here are:

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks (any of them)
Tyrranosaurus Drip
We're going to look for Aliens
Room on the Broom
Charlie and his fecking dinosaurs
Where the wild things are
Peter Rabbit (but none of the other Potter books Hmm)
Owl babies (sob)

TooTiredtoGoogle · 11/12/2010 21:10

At that age, DD's favourites were:
Burglar Bill
Tiger who came to tea
Cat in the Hat (I don't like it, but firm fav with DD)
The Magic Bed, Oi Get off my train, Mr Gumpy's OUting, Where's Julius? - all by John Burningham
Gruffalo's Child

Will come back if can think of anymore

maclover135 · 11/12/2010 21:28

Favourite Mink Inkpen books here include 'The Blue Balloon,' 'Wibbly Pig's Silly Big Bear' and the collection recommended by Takver Wink.
Other firm favourites include:
'Tiger in the snow' (Nick Butterworth);
'You Choose' can't remember who by, but lots to talk about;
'Lion who wanted to love' and 'Giraffes can't dance' (think they're by Giles Andrea).

Will also return if I can think of any more.

CamillaBKM · 13/12/2010 14:05

A subscription to Storybox would be good. You get different short story every month so they never get bored

wibbleweed · 13/12/2010 14:51

Current favourites of my DS (3.11) are:

The pencil (alan alberg)
Stick Man (Donaldson/schaeffer)
Trouble at the Dinosaur cafe
Rumble in the Jungle (giles andrae - there's a dinosaur one too)

Thankfully we're heading out of the Thomas phase (fingers crossed here!)

ww x

onadietcokebreak · 07/01/2011 09:11

Just thought I would update you on what we got.

Debi Glilori- no matter what. Love it!

Jez alborough- duck in truck, captain duck and fix it duck- little longer than normal so bed time brought forward.

onadietcokebreak · 07/01/2011 09:18

It has also prompted me to read some of the ones that have just sat on book case. Grufflos child- fantastic! Have brought for friends DS birthday. Aliens in underpants- fab.

Kipper series-, you choose, storybox books from charity shop- all on reading list!

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