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Going rate???

13 replies

kkey21 · 09/02/2006 00:29

Hi could anyone enlighten me on the going rate per hour for a CM in Hertford? I know it varies but there must be someone on here that knows of any CM's in Hertford, please?! xx

OP posts:

lexiemum · 09/02/2006 00:42

according to google there was a similar thread in jan regards hertford cm's - if I find it I'll bump it for u


nikki83 · 09/02/2006 00:47

i think the going rate for most areas is £3.50 - £4 per hour, usually including meals. it all depends on the childminder as we are self employed.
if you are looking for a childminder if you log on to the CIS childrens informaton service for your area, they will have a list of all the local childminders.
where is hertford??


lexiemum · 09/02/2006 00:47

oh, it was yours!


kkey21 · 09/02/2006 00:51

Hertford is in Hertfordshire... I know, that other thread was just ignored!! New face aroung town!! I am so unsure on the rate, guess i'll ring around a few and be cheeky and ask! Its going to be goodbye to nannying soon!!! I'm really looking forward to it! xx

OP posts:

nikki83 · 09/02/2006 00:53

are you looking for a childminder or are u becoming one?


kkey21 · 09/02/2006 00:55

I am leaving my nannying behind, and becoming one! Ive nannied for almost 9yrd now but after having my ds i'm not enjoying the 12hrs+ 40minutes travel days!! If that makes sense!

OP posts:

nikki83 · 09/02/2006 01:08

yes of course.
good luck to you. im a childminder but im having problems finding someone after being let down last week
the usuall rate is about £4 per hour in most places, im in watford and thats what everyone charges here.


alibubbles · 09/02/2006 13:58

Message withdrawn


nzshar · 09/02/2006 14:40

kkey21 just looked on CIS and it looks like Hertford cm's charge anything between £3 and £5 ph. So take your pick. I suppose it all depends on how you rate yourself


Isyhan · 09/02/2006 15:05

whats cis. i put it into google and all sorts came up but nothing to do with cm.


Isyhan · 09/02/2006 15:19

i found out what cis is? needs updating can they list vacancies when not updated since november.


nikki83 · 09/02/2006 16:06

i believe the cis only update information when the person tells them to, they don not do it automatically.


alibubbles · 09/02/2006 20:40

Message withdrawn

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