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Urgent - Babysitter Needed in Bath Hotel - Saturday 28th Oct

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Kaloo20 · 25/10/2005 17:38

OMG - Help Me Please - Mumsnetters
We are going away for a few days to Bailbrook House Hotel on the outskirts of Bath and they cannot provide a babysitter for me on Saturday night. I will be in the hotel all evening at a 'do' but need a babysitter (ok child sitter) from 6.00pm until 1.00pm latest.
Will pay ridiculous rate in desperation :-)
Children aged 6.5-Girl and 5.5-Boy - well behaved (ok semi well behaved if they are not tired) (ok will be excited that they are staying in a hotel and ask to walk around dressed in party clothes - daughter. Will want to talk about power rangers / batman / Nanny McPhee / Christmas Presents he wants - son).

OK I confess - can behave if bribed ..... :-) :-)
Anyone ?

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jellyjelly · 25/10/2005 17:56

Why dont you call sitters? 0800 3890038.

All the sitters are proffessional childcarers ie minders, teacher, nursery workers that sort of job. I work for them and i would use them if i ever needed a sitter as i know that i was checked when i started to work for them.


kkey21 · 25/10/2005 23:25

I wish this was nearer me as i could do with the extra £ having had a baby 10wks ago! Im in Herts so sure its far from here but will check anyway! I am a nanny! x


Chandra · 25/10/2005 23:30

Jelly, do Sitters have a website?


katymac · 25/10/2005 23:32

try - I think that's them


Chandra · 25/10/2005 23:41

It is, thank you


Kaloo20 · 29/10/2005 11:55

No good .... will not send a sitter to a hotel unless they have sent a sitter to our own home (120 miles way) first !!!!


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HellyBelly · 29/10/2005 12:25

Can't help but have you tried asking this question on the chat board? You never know!

Good luck and hope you find someone!


Kaloo20 · 29/10/2005 12:27

Good idea - am sending a message to the chatboard now

OP posts:

peckarollover · 29/10/2005 12:28

awww wish I could help you I would have done it!

Why dont you go on childcarelink website and look up all local childminders to that area and ring with desperate pleas and offers of cash.

At least then you sort of know they are ok as they will be ofsted registered and police checked


Kaloo20 · 29/10/2005 12:32

Am trying everything !
Have rang agencies - but all want subs to do a search without a guarantee of a babysitter. Have registered with 2 and spend £40 this morning and still have no idea if we are going to get a sitter or not ...

Clifton Nannies - whom we were recommended do answer their answerphone ....

OP posts:

Kaloo20 · 29/10/2005 12:33

do NOT

OP posts:

intergalacticwalrus · 29/10/2005 12:47

If its not tonight (which it probably is) I live in Bath and can help if you need it. Can't tonight, as I am actually getting a social life.


intergalacticwalrus · 29/10/2005 12:48

Oops, it is tonight. Sorry x


HellyBelly · 29/10/2005 12:55

Good idea of Peckarollovers! I had a call from someone once who got my details because I'm a childminder. They wanted me to go to the hotel and offered lots but I couldn't do it. I did however recommend another childminder who did it so they were sorted!

Hope you have the same luck!


HellyBelly · 29/10/2005 12:59

Here's a childminder in bath - not sure how near to the hotel though? this

Also try childcare link website as recommended.


intergalacticwalrus · 29/10/2005 13:17

Twerton is the other siode of Bath from the Bailbrook, but to be honest, that won't be a prob as bath is so miniscule. There are loads of childminders on the childlink website. I am sure one of those would be more than willing. I wish I could help you out


HRHWickedwaterwitch · 29/10/2005 13:47

Can't you take a baby monitor? (controversial on mumsnet I know!)


ssd · 30/10/2005 07:52

Did you get someone?


HellyBelly · 30/10/2005 07:57

Just wondered the same!


Kaloo20 · 31/10/2005 22:56

Yes ... we got someone. One of the part time receptionists at the hotel heard of our plight - She has a 1 yr old daughter herself.

  • My husband sold our sob story very charmingly to the receptionists on duty Saturday lunchtime.

    She took two excited children on a tour of the room our 'do' was in, let them colour in pictures on an children web site (using the hotels' guest PCs), ordered room service for them and had a 'floor picnic' played hide and seek in our bedroom then told them long bedtime stories. Our children loved her and want to go back to the hotel again - they had a such a good time !

    We were lucky ... All I know is her name is Lisa. If you read this Lisa ... THANK YOU

    PS would have happily used babymonitors if children were asleep when we left ... but at 6 and 5 year olds that was out of the question

    Thanks everyone for trying to help

    Oh and Clifton Nannies rang and apologised for not getting back to us - the owner was away and no one was monitoring the answerphone !
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