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Rearfacing recommendatons for ford galaxy?

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beautifulgirls · 18/04/2010 09:05

Hi, can anyone please recommend a rear facing car seat (stage 1 on) for DD? She still fits her 0+ seat well but am thinking ahead. We have 2 galaxys, one older style (2005) and one newer (2009) and I note the seat belts seem shorter in the newer style so would be particularly interested in anyone has first hand experience of the newer galaxy/rear facing installation.

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nicm · 18/04/2010 11:03

hi you could ask on the rf website-maybe get more answers too.

do you have underfloor storage in either car? as this will limit you to either the britax two way elite or the brio zento.

i have the britax twe and it is a great seat. also have the KISS (but this has a support leg) and it is good too but a bit smaller as only rf to 18kgs but the twe is to 25kgs. are you anywhere near they will try all the seats in your car and are the only ones in the uk to sell the twe.

beautifulgirls · 18/04/2010 18:18

Thanks nicm - no sadly not close to that link but I'll take a look more at the rf website. There is no underfloor storage in the one galaxy but I'll have to take a look at the other one.

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nicm · 18/04/2010 21:40

i think the newer one does! don't know why they insist on putting them in family cars when most ff isofix seats have foot props too, and when i had them i never used them-they just filled with stones lol!

i would rinf the in car safety centre. i know they said the twe fits in the older galaxy but i would ring and see if they have fitted one in the newer one. the numbers are on the website-simon in belfast is really helpful.

KickArseQueen · 18/04/2010 21:48

Hiya, I have the older style galaxy and we use a britax 1st class si. It can be used rear and forward facing and lasts until they are about 4 yrs old.

I have fitted it in loads of cars so I would expect it to fit.

Do you have a Halfords or Toys r us near you? They both stocked it the last time I checked. Its an excellent seat

If you do fit it rearfacing in the galaxy it can obscure your view, the best seat to put it in is the seat directly behind the driver. HTH.

nicm · 18/04/2010 23:29

the first class is only rf to 13kgs though and then has to be turned ff so only rf the same as most baby carriers so is not a rf group 1 car seat. mothercare and halfords don't stock rf group 1 seats afaik.

nicm · 18/04/2010 23:30

sorry or toys r us!

thisisyesterday · 18/04/2010 23:33

we went to the in car safety centre in milton keynes for ours too
we have a besafe izi combi, and a britax 2 way elite and are very happy with both of them!

only thing to be aware of is, as nicm says, the underfloor storage, which may well be present in the newer galaxy.
some manufacturers make blocks that sit inside the compartment though, so you can use a seat with a support leg, so it might be worth contacting ford and asking if this is available?

it's def worth phoning the in car safety centre, even if you aren't near them. they are very, very knowledgable!!!

beautifulgirls · 19/04/2010 17:10

Thanks for that thisisyesterday. I will call Ford and see about that option if we need to. (still need to check the car!...time is still on out side though) I have found a shop near my parents that sells the besafe and the brio seats - more to the point it fits them to ensure they are truely safe and suitable too. I am going to call them to make an appointment one weekend shortly so we can take both cars and make the right decision. Meanwhile if I can call Ford and get blocks if we need to it may increase our options. If for any reason I am not happy with the shop then I will get in touch with the in car safety people as you have recommended.

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