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How to get baby to eat/ try solids

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CaptainWentworth · 24/04/2019 08:32

I feel really stupid here but I don’t know how to get DD to eat anything!

She a week over 6 months and I’ve been giving her bits of finger food for a couple of weeks (cooked broccoli florets, carrot sticks, cucumber, avocado etc). She can find her mouth with them, but they are only in for a second so no chance to gum/ chew and consume anything. I’ve also tried spoon feeding her little bits of baby porridge and yoghurt, but she won’t have it, pushes the spoon away and gets really pissed off if I manage to sneak anything into her mouth- spits it out as if it’s poison!

I’d prefer to stick with a BLW approach, but am just worried that she will never actually eat anything! I try to make sure I eat at the same time as her to give her something to copy. Do I just need to be patient? I keep hearing about babies that devour their first tastes of food, and she’s just not doing that!

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Teddyreddy · 24/04/2019 18:46

It's nothing you've done wrong, differently children just take to food differently. DC1 was exactly like this, DC2 we weaned exactly the same way but enthusiastically took to food.

DS didn't eat much until about 8 months. Just make sure to offer a wide variety of foods if doing BLW, not just vegetables but also things like meat, pasta and bread. DS used to like sucking on bits of meat (finger sized) which gets them some iron. He also used to like the bite size shredded wheats, you presoak them in milk and then give them a few to play with for breakfast - they are iron fortified so help with that too.

eBaysLikeMyFamily · 24/04/2019 18:56

"At 6 months most children can only just sit up.... Head still slightly floppy."


My 5 month old isn't and hasn't been for a long while, haven't noticed any other floppy babies her age either at groups. She can sit unaided (4-7 month milestone) and even stand and take steps.

Holding off on BLW until closer to 6 months and we've done baby first aid in case of choking (one food or god forbid putting something she shouldn't in her month)

Megasaur5keeper · 24/04/2019 19:40

I found I had to massively lower my expectations about how much food was going in at the stage you're at. That helped. Both with spoon feeding and finger foods, actually. I think the same book freaked me out too and I basically had to deprogramme myself from it a bit!

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